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Compliance with Today’s Anti-Discrimination Laws Through a History Lesson

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Over the weekend, I was doing a lot of driving.  Having a kid at camp near the New Hampshire border to pick him up will do that. So, it was time for me to catch up on some podcasts I had downloaded but hadn’t yet listened to. I had already finished S-Town (worthy of a… Continue Reading

Lunch with Drive Thru HR

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Got lunch plans? If so, break them. Because today, I’ll be appearing on the popular (and some would argue best) HR podcast/radio show, “Drive Thru HR.” One of my favorite other employment law bloggers, Jon Hyman, was on the show a few weeks ago and talked about how social media password laws were being debated (and… Continue Reading

Internships: The Good, The Bad, The Ones that Violate The Law

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With summer fast approaching, summer internships will start picking up their pace as well. Fortunately, there are a lot of great resources for employers to learn about how to do internships without violate the law.  I’ll be discussing the legal side of internships on The Proactive Employer podcast that will be broadcast live this Thursday… Continue Reading

Odds and Ends: 2012 Podcast, Hot in Hartford, Upcoming Seminars

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A few odds and ends to start the day: Last Friday, I appeared on the 100th installment of The Proactive Employer podcast— a podcast devoted to covering various employment law developments.  The podcast is hosted by Stephanie Thomas, who covers statistical and economic consulting for employers in he r “real life”.  Along with fellow interviewees… Continue Reading

Of Credit Histories, Ricci’s Impact & The Gender Wage Gap

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Been a busy week so there’s time only for a few things to some recent and upcoming publications, podcasts and radio shows that I’m involved with.  My thanks to the respective producers or reporters for the opportunity. First, the Daily Labor Reports and U.S. Law Week each did a lengthy piece this week on the… Continue Reading

Observations and Musings About “Where We Live” and Employment Law

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As I mentioned on Monday, I was fortunate to be invited back to appear on the "Where We Live", a Connecticut Public Radio staple that talks about local issues in ways you never thought you’d hear on the radio.  (Echoes of Sally Field’s speech of "You Like Me" keep running through my head.)  For nearly… Continue Reading