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Where Are Your Employees? (Hint: It May Not Be Facebook Anymore)

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I recently gave a presentation on social media to a local non-profit and had the opportunity to review some of the latest statistics when it comes to the use of social media. Frankly, I knew that there has been a shift away from Facebook for some younger people but even I was surprised by the… Continue Reading

Protecting Confidential Information from Untrustworthy Employees

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My colleague Gary Starr returns today with a story worth reading about the need for employers to secure confidential information.  Although it is based on Massachusetts, the concepts it covers may have some carryover to employers elsewhere as well.   Employers that maintain records of their employees and customers and allow employees have access to confidential… Continue Reading

And About “Embarrassing” Student Teaching Assistant Handbooks….

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My colleague Jarad Lucan returns today with an update on a post regarding the impact that recent labor law decisions are having on colleges and universities. Two years ago, my colleagues and I reported on the case before the National Labor Relations Board (the “Board”) related to the Northwestern University’s scholarship football players seeking the… Continue Reading

Cleaning Up Your Employee Handbooks, NLRB-Style

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Last month, I had the opportunity to speak to the American Law Institute for a CLE program on the latest guidance from the NLRB on various employee handbook policies. When I first wrote about it in March, I had expected to followup shortly thereafter with another recap. But in the meantime, I found that much… Continue Reading

Consistency in Policy Application Critical for Employers

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As I talked in yesterday’s post, I moderated a community forum on Religion and the Workplace at my firm. We had a terrific crowd and I’m grateful to all the speakers for making time out of their busy days to come. I have posted on this blog before about some of things we talked about… Continue Reading

BREAKING: NLRB’s General Counsel Office Issues Important Report On Employer Rules

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The NLRB’s General Counsel’s office today released a lengthy report “concerning recent employer rule” cases. That sounds generic. It’s not. Rather, the NLRB is now outlining its views on otherwise-neutral employer policies and whether they could be deemed to violate federal labor law.  While part of the report is a recap of existing caselaw, this… Continue Reading

The New “Value” Proposition: NLRB Yet Again Rules the Reasonable Unreasonable

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I sound like a broken record, but once again, the NLRB is striking down reasonable rules as unreasonable.  My colleague, Gary Starr (as always, read his bio here), today shares a recent case from the NLRB that found that a “Values and Standards of Behavior Policy” of one employer — something that you might think is… Continue Reading

NLRB Keeps Doing What It Always Does. Why Is Anyone Surprised?

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I’ll admit something that might seem a little unusual and ironic:  I’ve grown a bit tired about writing about the NLRB and social media.  Perhaps, it’s because I’ve seen too many law firms and lawyers issuing newsletters, blog posts, and alerts each time the NLRB says something, anything, about social media.  Because people on social media… Continue Reading

Guest Post: NLRB Acting General Counsel Addresses At-Will Disclaimers and More at CBA Annual Meeting

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On Monday, the Connecticut Bar Association held its annual meeting. Lots of labor and employment law topics were covered, some of which I missed. I’ve asked one of my bar colleagues, Rita Trivedi — who will be a Teaching Program Fellow at Columbia Law School in the fall — to share her insights on the… Continue Reading

After NLRB’s Memo, Drafting Employment Policies Got Trickier

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I’ve had a little more time to digest the latest memo from the NLRB opining on what is and what isn’t appropriate for employers to have in their policies. And I’ve come to a very serious conclusion: It’s an utter mess.  (Fellow employment lawyers use the phrases “bungled mess” (Jon Hyman), “not good” (Molly DiBianca),… Continue Reading

Breaking: New NLRB Guidance on Social Media Policies

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The NLRB today released new guidance on what is appropriate for employers to include in their social media policies.  You can download the guidance here. I’ll have more on the guidance in a post later but in my quick read of the guidance, I was struck by three things: 1) Employers that have attempted to… Continue Reading

A Day of Social Media: Internal Social Networks & Monitoring Employees

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I had the opportunity to speak today at Wesfacca’s Day of Social Media program.  If you’re looking for great information as an in house counsel, I would strongly recommend ordering the CLE materials. There were a number of issues brought up that were discussed but there were two that I haven’t seen addressed much elsewhere…. Continue Reading

The Fallout from the Latest NLRB Salvo on Social Media

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Last year, I mentioned that I was growing a bit tired about writing about social media in the workplace. It’s not that the topic isn’t interesting; it’s just that there isn’t that much new to discuss.  For those of us who have been writing about it for years, we’ve seen much of this for a… Continue Reading

The Seven Updates To Consider to Your Employee Handbook

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With all the legislative developments in Connecticut over the last year or so, it’s tough to keep track of all of the changes that your company needs to consider to update your employee handbook and employment policies. Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the changes to consider with a link to more information on… Continue Reading

Personnel Policies Up to Date? NLRB May Take Issue; CBA Seminar Recap Part II

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Yesterday, I started my recap of the Connecticut Bar Association seminar on social media & employment law that I had the opportunity to speak at.  In today’s post, I’m going to focus on another portion of what NLRB Regional Director Jonathan Kreisberg said at the seminar — something that may impact employers that have unions… Continue Reading

Employers Checking Employee E-mail: The Split Continues

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Last year, employers were taken aback when a New Jersey court ruled that an employee did have some expectation of privacy of e-mails she sent to her attorney using work computers.  The case, Stengart v. Loving Care Agency became one of the most talked about cases of the year.  Last week, a California court came… Continue Reading

Superintendent, School Board Agree to Settlement After Alleged Facebook Posts

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In a followup to a post of earlier this week, Windsor Locks and its Superintendent of Schools reached an agreement late yesterday in which the Superintendent agreed to resign in exchange for a six month severance payment (to be shorted if he finds work before the expiration of that severance period.) The agreement comes after… Continue Reading

School Board Considers Social Media Usage Policy for Teachers, Other Employees

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For a few years now, I’ve been describing how social media policies are moving into the mainstream.  No longer can employers simply cover their eyes and ears to what is going on with Facebook and Twitter. Example No. 592: West Hartford, Connecticut is considering a policy that would place certain restrictions on what school employees say,… Continue Reading

Social Media Guidelines and Policies: Do Your Employees Know the Ground Rules Too?

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Early on when writing the blog, I came across an issue that was so exciting to write about that I spent an evening crafting it up.  It had links, pictures, and was well-sourced. But then I discovered that the issue involved a client of the law firm.  Uh-oh. It was then that I decided it… Continue Reading

(It’s) Snow Joke: Weather Plays Games with Employers — A Recap

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While the DC and Baltimore areas continue to struggle with snow, hardy New Englanders are supposed to be battle-tested for snow storms.  And, for the most part we are. Roads are quickly cleared overall and we realize the importance of parking bans to get streets in passable condition. Except today, the meteorologists won.  Many employers… Continue Reading

Social Networking and Social Media Guidelines – Is It Time Your Company Developed Some?

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Let’s face it: There are still way too many people who think social media and social networking sites are a fad and time-waster. I mean, how else do we explain the thousands of companies that have strict firewalls at their companies to prevent employees from using these sites. (And if you think that because you… Continue Reading

Are Clients Missing the Wave Because Their Attorneys Don’t Surf?

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A pair of stories in the last week got me thinking about how amazing technology has gotten and how I wonder if lawyers have truly grasped the pace at which technology is permeating the workplace. First, the amazing stuff: Google Wave is getting officially launched today to over 100,000 people. Haven’t heard of it?  You… Continue Reading

For Employers, the Rare Case Of Political Corruption Presents Opportunities: Consider a Code of Ethics

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Count me in the group that is both astonished and stunned by the corruption allegations made earlier today by the federal government against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.  The blatant nature of the "pay to play" allegations is something rarely seen in politics. (Connecticut has obviously has its share of corruption cases.)  While the allegations involving… Continue Reading

Offer Letters and Employment Policies – It’s All in the Details

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You know it’s summer when the most exciting headline in employment law over the last day seems to be the markup of an arbitration fairness bill by a House Judiciary Subcommittee.  Not terribly exciting.  If you’d like more details on that bill, Workplace Horizons has a nice little summary and does it’s typical terrific job on keeping up to… Continue Reading