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Recommendations for Uber Are Roadmap for All?

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If you had a million dollars (or more) to investigate your culture, what would you find out? (Music fans may appreciate the classic “If I Had a Million Dollars” song from the Barenaked Ladies. You’re welcome.) Well, Uber engaged a lawfirm, Covington & Burling, and the former Attorney General Eric Holder to do just that… Continue Reading

And About “Embarrassing” Student Teaching Assistant Handbooks….

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My colleague Jarad Lucan returns today with an update on a post regarding the impact that recent labor law decisions are having on colleges and universities. Two years ago, my colleagues and I reported on the case before the National Labor Relations Board (the “Board”) related to the Northwestern University’s scholarship football players seeking the… Continue Reading

Cleaning Up Your Employee Handbooks, NLRB-Style

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Last month, I had the opportunity to speak to the American Law Institute for a CLE program on the latest guidance from the NLRB on various employee handbook policies. When I first wrote about it in March, I had expected to followup shortly thereafter with another recap. But in the meantime, I found that much… Continue Reading

Bill Amending CHRO Procedures Is “Mostly” Dead

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If you read the headlines this morning, you may have seen that nearly four dozen bills died at the Judiciary Committee yesterday afternoon.  Indeed, no bills made it out at the deadline. The unusual occurrence seemed related to an e-mail allegedly written by one representative. The Hartford Courant has the details on that. For employers,… Continue Reading

The New “Value” Proposition: NLRB Yet Again Rules the Reasonable Unreasonable

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I sound like a broken record, but once again, the NLRB is striking down reasonable rules as unreasonable.  My colleague, Gary Starr (as always, read his bio here), today shares a recent case from the NLRB that found that a “Values and Standards of Behavior Policy” of one employer — something that you might think is… Continue Reading

Waiting for the Dust To Settle on New NLRB Posting Requirement

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A lot of people have been writing about a recent court ruling that upheld significant portions of a new NLRB-promulgated poster that will get put up on a wall in some common area. I’ve been reluctant to write about it because, as I mentioned back in the fall, things continue to change on this particular… Continue Reading

CHRO Attorney Agrees Emphasis at Agency “Has Shifted From MAR to Mediation”

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Earlier this week, I wrote about the perception among some that the CHRO has been retaining more cases for investigation by letting more cases through the Merit Assessment Review.  These cases that used to be dismissed — mainly “frivolous” ones as  I’ve collectively termed them — mean more headaches for employers who have to spend… Continue Reading

NLRB Announces Final Rule to Expedite Elections

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Earlier this month, I posted about new labor law posters that employers need to use, perhaps as early as late January 2012. Now on Wednesday comes news that the NLRB has adopted a final rule amending its election case procedures.  Labor Relations Today reports that this will “shorten the time between the filing of a… Continue Reading

New Procedures for CHRO – A Powerpoint (Program Recap – Part III)

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Continuing my series of posts on the public program produced by the CHRO on new Public Act 11-237 (for prior posts go here and here), the remainder of the program focused on the changes to the CHRO procedures including a new early mediation option. Various legal staff members provided the details on the new act… Continue Reading

More About the NLRB’s Proposed Rules on So-Called “Quickie Elections”

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This morning, I appeared on Ray Dunaway’s show on WTIC radio (1080 AM) to discuss the NLRB’s new proposed rules on union representation elections.  (A link will be available when it is posted online.) Of course, in 5 minutes, there wasn’t much time to explain everything about it (here’s a summary of the proposals from… Continue Reading

General Assembly Approves Significant Changes to CHRO Process

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The dust is still settling on the flurry of activity in the closing hours of the General Assembly last night. It’s going to take a few days to get caught up on all the bills that were passed.  Watch for more updates soon. One of the bills that will merit a closer look is House… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Obesity and ADA; Facebook Fishing; Voting Rights; FMLA Call-In Procedures; Personnel Records; “Survivor”

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With the Columbus Day holiday upon us, it’s time for another installment of "Quick Hits" where I touch on posts and topics of interest that you might have missed recently.  Take note of the last post to "Outwit. Outplay. Outlast."  The GT LE Blog has an interesting post on whether obesity is a physical characteristic or… Continue Reading

Social Media Guidelines and Policies: Do Your Employees Know the Ground Rules Too?

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Early on when writing the blog, I came across an issue that was so exciting to write about that I spent an evening crafting it up.  It had links, pictures, and was well-sourced. But then I discovered that the issue involved a client of the law firm.  Uh-oh. It was then that I decided it… Continue Reading

The Basics: Offer Letters of Employment in Connecticut

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Continuing the summer series of "basics" of various employment laws (see prior installments here, here and here), this week the topic is offer letters. Specifically, at the time of hiring an employee, does Connecticut require any documentation be provided to employees? The answer is yes.  Perhaps not in the form of an "offer letter" but… Continue Reading

Reminder – FMLA Amendments Regarding Military Leave Now Effective

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With the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2008 (NDAA) earlier this week, the new amendments to the FMLA for care of military members are now effective immediately.  For a full text of the FMLA, with the new amendments, the Department of Labor has posted it here. For a refresher to my prior posts, the… Continue Reading

Employee Handbooks – Do You Need a Lawyer to Write One?

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I’ve resisted posting on this subject for a few days because at first I honestly thought it was a hoax.  But now that blogs across the United States are chiming on on this, including a recap post by Overlawyered this morning, it’s worth adding a Connecticut perspective. What’s the story? It’s the new employee handbook by… Continue Reading