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Quick Hits: Transgender Workplaces; Proving Emotional Harm; “Digital Natives”; Labor History in Schools

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With Twitter, I’ve been doing less “recap” posts of late. Why? For the simple reason that you can get all of the posts I’ve read of late on Twitter. We didn’t have that when I started the blog nearly 8 years ago. (Side note: It was eight years ago this week that I came up… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Starbucks Tip Policy, E-Cigarettes, Sniffing Employees, Female Bosses, USDOL, Thanksgivukkah

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With Hanukkah tonight, and Thanksgiving tomorrow, (or “Thanksgivukkah” as some have called it humorously),  here are a few morsels of employment law information to get you started. Last week, the Second Circuit upheld Starbucks’ Tip Policy.  While the Second Circuit does cover Connecticut, the issue it had to decide was based on New York Labor Law. … Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Carnivals, Trade Secrets, Interactive Process, Taxes and Arbitration

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Busy week here.  So, it’s time to bring back a recurring post of “Quick Hits” of articles you may have missed along the way.  Here are some of my recent favorites: First, the October Employment Law Blog Carnival is up with a Halloween theme. Lots of great employment law articles for you to choose from…. Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Holiday Parties, HIPAA and ADA, Non-Compete Agreements, “Supervisor”, Facebook

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It’s been a crazy week here for reasons I hope to share in a future post. But in the meantime, the world of employment law still continues. Here are some items worth reading that I had hoped to talk about further. This brief recap will have to do for now. Want some tips on how to… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: NY Deductions, ADA Accommodations, Offers of Judgment, FMLA Report, Facebook & Hiring

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As the dog days of summer drag on, the news from the employment law arena slows to a trickle.  But here are a few recent stories that may be of interest to employers in Connecticut. New York recently expanded the types of things that employers can deduct from wages. For Connecticut employers with cross-border employees,… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Ban On Cell Phones; NLRB & Social Media; Nursing Mothers; Retaliation, LinkedIn

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As another week passes by (seriously, where did January go already?), here are a few odds and ends that are worth a mention: Earlier this month, new rules regarding limits on the use of mobile phones went into effet by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.   The rule covers “both, drivers of CMVs in interstate commerce,… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: FLSA & Arbitration Agreements, Initial Discovery Protocols, Dating Policies, EEOC Charges, Ledbetter

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There are lots of items I had hoped to write about but, as many of you have observed, there’s only so much time in the week.  So, it’s time to bring back the recurring “Quick Hits” feature to highlight some tidbits worthy of your consideration: Are arbitration agreements that waive FLSA collective actions enforceable? No,… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Dog Days of Summer Edition with NLRB, OFCCP, EEOC, SEBAC, FMLA

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The noise in the employment law arena has been loud lately. Kind of like that annoying Gary Glitter song that often gets played at sports games. But the noise is hiding the fact that, in my view, the news in the employment law is relatively minor.  There are no significant legislative or regulatory developments to… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Employee Leave Under ADA, Law Review Articles, CBA Annual Meeting, Nonprofits, Boeing & NLRB

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As we wrap up a week with, go figure, more rain, we’re starting to get deep into the important part of the year: The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. In the meantime, here are a few odds and ends you might have missed or you might be interested in surrounding the world of employment law: Giving employee’s… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: GINA and Wellness Programs and More

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So with the Supreme Court’s decision last week, there’s lots of other items that have slipped under the radar. (It’s Daylight Savings Time this Saturday, for example, which means spring is right around the corner.) Here’s some of things you might have missed: Wellness programs are all the rage. But do they violate GINA? That’s the… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Wage & Hour Litigation; Protected Concerted Activity; Set-Off in Mass.; Prevailing Wage; I-9s

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With all the snow piling up, there’s been a lot I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t. So, it’s time to bring back the "Quick Hits" feature where I recap some of the employment law tidbits you might have missed recently. The Wage & Hour Litigation blog (a new employment law blog, so welcome),… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Text Message Privacy; Top 10 for 2009; Summary Judgment; Prevailing Wages; 401(k) Contributions; $1B Wage/Hour Claim

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With a possible snowstorm coming this weekend (or not) and another next week, no doubt there will be the usual rushing out to get milk and bread. But before you do so, here’s a bevy of stories from the last week to keep you updated on the latest in employment law affecting employers in Connecticut…. Continue Reading

USDOL Providing Webchats on Regulatory Agenda

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This year, the U.S. Department of Labor has taken great strides to modernize the office and better serve the public.  The new website is only part of that. This week, the DOL has begun a series of webchats with the public discuss the 2010 regulatory agenda and other issues facing the Department of Labor. They… Continue Reading