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Compliance with Today’s Anti-Discrimination Laws Through a History Lesson

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Over the weekend, I was doing a lot of driving.  Having a kid at camp near the New Hampshire border to pick him up will do that. So, it was time for me to catch up on some podcasts I had downloaded but hadn’t yet listened to. I had already finished S-Town (worthy of a… Continue Reading

Guest Post: A Law Professor’s — and Mother’s — Perpsective on Race

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After my first year in law school, I clerked for Professor Kimberly Norwood at Washington University in St. Louis Law School during the summer. (If editing a law review article on statute of limitations is your thing, the experience was nirvana — I even made it to a footnote.)  We’ve kept in touch since then and have… Continue Reading

History Repeating Itself? $160M Settlement in Race Discrimination Brokerage Case

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For those of us that have been practicing for a while, it had seemed that the days of the big settlements for race discrimination cases were behind us. After all, when the Coca-Cola and Texaco settlements were announced back in the late 1990s and 2000, many companies took notice. But the news today is a… Continue Reading

Connecticut Supreme Court Stakes Out “Similarly Situated” and Statistical Standards

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As we continue the analysis of this week’s Connecticut Supreme Court decisions, the court also clarified how employees can prove their claims of discrimination in Perez-Dickson v. City of Bridgeport.  It is the first opinion in some years to do so and employers (and practitioners) will likely want to cite this case on a going-forward… Continue Reading

Court: Denial of Transfer Is Not Race Discrimination

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It’s a common observation among employment lawyers that employers can be sued for lots of on-the-job actions that don’t lead to termination.  Whether that employee, however, will prevail on the claim is an entirely different question. A case yesterday decided by the United States District Court of Connecticut highlights that distinction. In Charles v. State… Continue Reading

Consistently Applied Policies and Discipline Are Cruicial to Avoiding Discrimination Claims

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Disciplining employees for violations of company policy is, as a general rule, a good thing for an employer to follow.  However, when a company disciplines employees differently for the same offense, perceptions of discrimination (rightly or wrongly) can creep in. A new case released this afternoon from the United States District Court illustrates that.  In… Continue Reading