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Firing Of Pot-Smoking State Employee Goes Up in Smoke by CT Supreme Court

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You might think that smoking pot on the job as a state employee would be justifiable grounds to get you fired. A no-brainer, right? (Let’s save a discussion for eating brownies and swearing at your cat for another blog post.) After all, even the Connecticut Supreme Court is stating that the “statutory, regulatory and decisional… Continue Reading

When Reviewing a Reinstatement Decision by an Arbitrator, Consider Over a Dozen Factors

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If you like getting lost on roads with your head spinning on which way to go, this is your post.  (Everyone else, well, try to keep up.) I recap a case for companies with unions to pay attention to. Let’s start with this example: Employee X is required by law to report suspected abuse in her job. She fails… Continue Reading

Use of Marijuana On Duty Still Justifies Termination, Says Court

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With all the talk about the state’s implementation of medical marijuana laws, it’s easy to wonder what impact those laws will have on terminating employees who use marijuana on the job. One recent Superior Court decision gave a pretty clear answer for state employees: None.  In other words, for employers: Fire Away. That, of course, simplifies… Continue Reading

Lying to Doctors for Fitness for Duty Exam Can Still Get You Fired… But Only If You’re a Police Officer

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Sometimes, cases that seem like a no-brainer are anything but.  Just ask the Town of Stratford which finally won an appeal to the Connecticut Appellate Court. The case, Stratford v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 15 (download here), will be officially released next week.  The case arises from the town’s termination of a… Continue Reading

When FMLA Leave Expires, Court Allows Employer to Fill Position

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Suppose an employee takes maternity leave from a position. Due to health complications, that leave is extended multiple times (past the 12 or 16 weeks required under FMLA or CT FMLA).  The employee remains an employee pursuant to a short-term disability plan. When the employee is ultimately medically cleared to work, does the employer need… Continue Reading

Are Elected Officials Entitled to Their Old Jobs Back When Their Terms End?

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A few weeks ago, I pointed out an old employment law prohibiting minors from operating elevators was still on the books.  The Connecticut Law Tribune picked up on the story with a reference to the blog (though its hidden behind a paid registration page so you’ll have to take my word on it).  So are… Continue Reading