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Punitive Damages Not Available For State Employment Discrimination Claims

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In a decision that will be officially released next week, the Connecticut Supreme Court has, at last, ruled that punitive damages are not an available remedy for state law employment discrimination claims. You may recall that I discussed the Appellate Court’s decision that had originally found the same thing back in 2015.  The case, Tomick… Continue Reading

Appellate Court Limits Relief for Whistleblowers But Opens the Door in Discrimination Cases

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Not every case can be a U.S. Supreme Court case filled with sweeping pronouncements on employment law. Indeed, many times the law develops through under-reported cases that you’ll never hear about.  The pronouncements may not be sweeping on those cases, but those cases help clarify a point that had been left uncertain before then and… Continue Reading

What Remedy Is Appropriate When a Jury Concludes Sexual Harassment Occurred?

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A case out of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals (of which, Connecticut is part of) addresses an interesting question: When a jury  finds that sexual harassment has been perpetuated by a single employee, is injunctive (non-monetary) relief required to be issued by the District Court? The EEOC argued yes and argued that remedies such as… Continue Reading

For a Breach of Restrictive Covenant, Court Says No To Extending Duration As Remedy

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Suppose a former employee has breached your company’s covenant not to compete after she left employment.  Are you, the employer, entitled to get the non-compete period extended as a remedy for the breach? Great question. And one that differs depending on the state. A federal court in Connecticut (Aladdin Capital Holdings, LLC v. Donoyan) looked… Continue Reading

Followup on Amara v. CIGNA – Court Proposes Broad Relief, then Stays Judgment Noting Uncertainty in the ERSIA Law

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A few months ago, I reported on the District Court’s decision in Amara v. CIGNA, an important class-action case on ERISA retirement benefits and on alleged misrepresentations made by the Company about retirement benefits.  Over the last few months, then, the court was asked to consider the issue of what is appropriate relief from the decision. … Continue Reading