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Could “The Last Jedi” Actually Be Practicing Religion in Your Workplace?

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Yesterday, news came out that Episode 8 (I mean, VIII) of the Star Wars series would be named “The Last Jedi”. Which reminded me about an article in The New York Times I saw a few weeks ago that I had been meaning to write about. Turns out there are, according a BBC report cited… Continue Reading

BREAKING – U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Motive, Not Knowledge, Is Critical in Disparate Treatment Cases

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The long-awaited EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch case was released by the U.S. Supreme Court this morning, reversing the Tenth Circuit’s decision. You can download it here. For anyone following the case, the decision shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  I’ve talked about the case before here and here. The main holding of the case… Continue Reading

Accommodating Employees’ Religious Beliefs: A Primer on “Sincerely Held”

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In the wake of the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, holding that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act provides protection to closely held corporations to refuse, for religious reasons, to provide birth control methods and services to employees under the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate, the issue of accommodating an employee’s religious beliefs has… Continue Reading

The Employment Law Exemption for “Religious Corporations” You Never Knew About

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Over the past month, after the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, much has been made in the press about how it is unprecedented for the court to consider a company’s religious beliefs in making its decisions. The issue of taking into account a corporation’s religious belief in the workplace has been also catapulted to the center of… Continue Reading

Supreme Court’s Narrow Rulings Leave Questions for Connecticut Employers

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The U.S. Supreme Court this morning came out with two controversial decisions that will impact employers in Connecticut. The first one, Harris v. Quinn, dealt with whether non-union public employees could be forced to pay union dues.  The court issued a relatively narrow holding, ruling that “partial” public employees could not be required to do so. … Continue Reading

Mandatory Flu Shots for Employees in Connecticut: Fact vs. Fiction

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As the temperature starts to dip this week and our thoughts start turning from fall to winter, so starts slow climb up the absenteeism ladder. Around many workplaces, flu shot clinics are starting to pop up.  Not surprisingly, studies show that flu shots reduce the rate of absenteeism.  (Employees who get vaccinated get sick less… Continue Reading

You’ve Got the “Look” But Do You Know the “Law”?

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In the retail and hospitality industries, employers sometimes are searching for that special “look” that can help define them.   Abercrombie and Fitch is certainly one of those types of businesses, and you can think to various hotels, nightclubs or retail stores for other examples. But is it legal? That’s the subject of an interesting column… Continue Reading

BREAKING: Connecticut Supreme Court Adopts Second Circuit’s “Ministerial Exception” Rule

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The Connecticut Supreme Court today ruled (in a decision that will be effective August 2, 2011) that the ministerial exception found under the First Amendment bars certain employment related claims brought against religious institutions. The court’s unanimous decision in Dayner v. Archdiocese of Hartford can be downloaded here. In doing so, the Court explicitly adopts… Continue Reading

Passover & Easter: A Time to Reflect on Religious Discrimination Issues

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With Passover and Easter coming up this week, it seems timely to revisit the laws regarding religious discrimination and accommodation. Fortunately for you (and me), the Employment & Labor Insider just posted a terrific piece on the subject.  Among the issues that the post flagsis the common situation of an employer who tries to decide… Continue Reading

Guest Post: A New Wrinkle in Dress Codes — The Religious Significance Angle

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From time to time, I’ve been fortunate to have several guest bloggers contribute their thoughts on Connecticut employment law. Today, I’m happy to continues that trend with a post from my Pullman & Comley colleague Michael "Mick" Lavelle.  Mick has broad trial experience, both jury and non-jury, before state and federal civil courts and before administrative agencies… Continue Reading

Are Connecticut Courts Still Instructing Juries Using a McDonnell-Douglas Analysis? The Unanswered Question

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Appellate Court decisions can be frustrating.  Every once in a while, instead of deciding the merits of the matter, the court will reject an appeal because a party did not "preserve" the issue at the lower courts through a proper protest.  That’s what happened in Mokonnen v. Pro Park, Inc. (download here)  from the Connecticut Appellate… Continue Reading

EEOC Releases New Compliance Manual Section on Religious Discrimination

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The EEOC today released a new compliance manual section on religious discrimination in the workplace.  A press release from the EEOC is available here while you can download the actual section directly here.    What is useful about the compliance manual section, according to the EEOC, is that it "includes a comprehensive review of the relevant provisions of Title… Continue Reading

Second Circuit Confirms “Ministerial Exception” and Finds Title VII Unconstitutional When Applied to Priests

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It’s just a little bit ironic that on this Good Friday, the Second Circuit decided a case that will be very important to religious institutions in Connecticut, New York and Vermont.  Ultimately, it held that Title VII — which, among other things, prohibits discrimination based on race — is unconstitutional when applied to certain religious… Continue Reading