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Recommendations for Uber Are Roadmap for All?

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If you had a million dollars (or more) to investigate your culture, what would you find out? (Music fans may appreciate the classic “If I Had a Million Dollars” song from the Barenaked Ladies. You’re welcome.) Well, Uber engaged a lawfirm, Covington & Burling, and the former Attorney General Eric Holder to do just that… Continue Reading

Citing Statistics, Yankee Institute Critical of CHRO — Again

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This week, the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, a self-described “free market” think tank, issued an article suggesting that Connecticut had nearly the same number of discrimination complaints as our neighboring state, Massachusetts. (This isn’t the first time it’s been critical of the CHRO.) In doing so, the Yankee Institute claimed that these statistics raise… Continue Reading

When Reviewing a Reinstatement Decision by an Arbitrator, Consider Over a Dozen Factors

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If you like getting lost on roads with your head spinning on which way to go, this is your post.  (Everyone else, well, try to keep up.) I recap a case for companies with unions to pay attention to. Let’s start with this example: Employee X is required by law to report suspected abuse in her job. She fails… Continue Reading

BREAKING: NLRB’s General Counsel Office Issues Important Report On Employer Rules

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The NLRB’s General Counsel’s office today released a lengthy report “concerning recent employer rule” cases. That sounds generic. It’s not. Rather, the NLRB is now outlining its views on otherwise-neutral employer policies and whether they could be deemed to violate federal labor law.  While part of the report is a recap of existing caselaw, this… Continue Reading

Background Check Settlements Still Costing Employers Big Dollars

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My colleague Peter Murphy and I have been talking a lot about background checks lately.  It’s easier than ever to run a basic Internet search on someone, but what information do you find? And are there any limts? Today, Peter talks about two recent settlements of background check claims against employers. Both cost the employers… Continue Reading

Connecticut’s Gender Wage Gap: Report Paints a Complicated Picture

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The Gender Wage Gap Task Force in Connecticut issued its report last month with both findings and recommendations on a continued disparities between what men and women, on average, earn. In doing so, it recognized that there are multiple factors that are responsible for the gap in its view.  It paints a far more complicated picture… Continue Reading

Your Foot Doctor (and Others) Are Mandated Reporters on Elder Abuse

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In my post last week about the reporting of crimes, an avid reader of the blog left a great comment that noted that elder abuse must also be reported by certain class of people.  Since many of you may not be aware of such a requirement, it can be found at Conn. Gen. Stat. 17b-451… Continue Reading

Using Criminal Background Checks in the Hiring Process; Handle With Care

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The Office of Legislative Research, whom I’ve praised in several posts before (here and here), recently issued a report on the consequences of a felony conviction on employment.  Overall, it does a good job summarizing the issues when it comes to state employment. But later on in the publication it states the following when discussing… Continue Reading

Audit Highlights Significant Issues with CHRO

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A new state auditor’s report released this month shows that the CHRO continues to struggle with compliance with statutory timeframes. The report — which can be downloaded here — shows that from 2007-2009, 56 percent of the cases exceeded the statutory maximum of 370 days.   As the report notes, “the longer it takes to… Continue Reading

Who Says Legislation Isn’t Fun: OLR Background Reports on Blood Pressure & The Unemployment Rate

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What do blood pressure and batting averages have to do with the unemployment rate?  Well, more than you might think — at least according to the Office of Legislative Research. This little-known state office is a gem, constantly providing reports that — more often than not — are well written and useful.  And the report… Continue Reading

Connecticut Department of Labor Requires Larger Employers to Fill Out FMLA Report

Posted in Laws and Regulations

UPDATED 1/20/11 Filling out forms ranks right up there with going to the dentist for me. (Don’t tell him I said that.) I suspect I’m not alone. Which is why I’m sheepish about reminding employers that the Connecticut Department of Labor requires that employers with 75 or more employees as of a date certain, must… Continue Reading

Legislative Roundup: New Labor & Employment Laws — Where Are They??

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UPDATED The Connecticut General Assembly ended its regular session last night. As far as new laws affecting employers, the session certainly ends with a whimper.  For many employers, the big news is that the paid sick leave bill once again failed.  This time it wasn’t even put up for a vote in either chamber of… Continue Reading

You Can Still Fire Poorly Performing Employees, Says Second Circuit

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An oft-repeated and only sometimes rhetorical question of employers is: I have an employee that is not meeting performance expectations. I can still fire them, right?  A recent Second Circuit case strongly suggests the answer to that question: Yes.  In Chukwurah v. Stop & Shop Supermarkets (Nov. 25, 2009), an employee appealed a District of… Continue Reading

A Detailed Look at Employment in “The Insurance Capital of the World”

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As a fellow Connecticut blogger Ryan McKeen has said before, the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries’ Newslog, is one of those hidden-in-plain-sight web gems that ought to be discovered more often.  In a recent post, they referenced new reports from the Office of Legislative Research which provides answers to some questions that might otherwise go unanswered. Among… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Conn. House Approves Bill Banning Use of Credit Reports for Employment Decisions

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Last week, the Connecticut House approved House Bill 5521 (H.B. 5521), which would bar Connecticut employers from using credit reports in their employment decisions such as hiring and firing.  You can download the bill’s text here.  The bill’s main provisions would prohibit employers from asking employees or prospective employee to consent to the creation of… Continue Reading