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The Dialogue: Sex Harassment in the Workplace — Still an Issue, but How Much?

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The Dialogue, a online conversation between yours truly and a prominent employee-side attorney, Nina Pirrotti, returns today with another installment — this time tackling the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace.   For prior installments, check out these posts here and here.  As for the promised redesign and relaunch of the blog, it’s nearly complete…. Continue Reading

HR’s Increasing Role in Ensuring Data Privacy

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Last night I had the opportunity to speak to the Colonial Total Rewards Association on the topic of Data Privacy and HR.  I titled the presentation “Is Your HR Data Going Rogue” and really focused on the role that Human Resources professionals should play in ensuring that company data is secured. For those who have… Continue Reading

Retaliation Claims Still Remind Us: Scrutinize Your Employment Decisions

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I know. We’re a bit of a broken record here. Another post on the perils on retaliation claims. (I’m resisting adding the “so sue me” joke here.) But new decisions from the courts keep coming out which give us an opportunity to do refreshers to employers and provide subtle tweaks to the associated wisdom surrounding… Continue Reading

Background Check Settlements Still Costing Employers Big Dollars

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My colleague Peter Murphy and I have been talking a lot about background checks lately.  It’s easier than ever to run a basic Internet search on someone, but what information do you find? And are there any limts? Today, Peter talks about two recent settlements of background check claims against employers. Both cost the employers… Continue Reading

Oversharing at Work: When Gossip Turns Into Something More

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Social Media

Do you know some of your co-workers deepest, darkest secrets? And did you want to know those secrets in the first place? Odds are, somewhere, sometime, you’ve had a co-worker that has shared a little too much information. Indeed, in this Facebook age, “oversharing” is turning out to be an issue; some employees just seem… Continue Reading

When Employers Have an Obligation to Report Crimes

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There will likely come a time at some point at your company where someone, somewhere will do something really stupid.  And perhaps its even something you believe might be criminal. It may be someone popular. Or someone really productive, like your top salesperson. And you’ll probably only learn about it through a coincidence, like a co-worker walking by… Continue Reading

Technology & The Law Symposium: How Technology is Changing the Practice of Law

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For the next few weeks, I will be posting a few items about a technology and the law symposium that I am chairing on April 9, 2010 for the Connecticut Bar Foundation.  It is a free program that should be of interest to attorneys and non-attorneys alike.  While it is not strictly "employment-law" related, I… Continue Reading

U.S. Department of Labor Updates Website with New Tools Regarding Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements

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This week, the U.S. Department of Labor updated their website and provided some new online tools to help employers figure out which recordkeeping, reporting and notice requirements apply to them.  According to the DOL: The new FirstStep Recordkeeping, Reporting and Notices elaws Advisor has been integrated into a FirstStep suite of advisors that also includes the… Continue Reading

Connecticut DOL Requires Employers To Report on Use of FMLA

Posted in Laws and Regulations

The Connecticut Department of Labor has just posted a form for employers to fill out online regarding their experiences with the use of FMLA for the 2007 calendar year.  Filling out this form is required by state regulation for employers who are subject to the Act. The Department’s website has the details: If your company employed… Continue Reading

Wrongful Discharge Claim For Reporting Bar Manager Rejected by Jury

Posted in Litigation

A recent article by the Connecticut Law Tribune reported on the trial of two bar workers who claimed that they were terminated in retaliation for reporting a supervisor’s alleged sexual harassment of a waitress.  According to court records In the trial of  Daniel Van Kruiningen and Kimberly Chatterton v. Plan B, LLC d/b/a Mohegan After… Continue Reading