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Legislative Update: New Non-Compete Restrictions for Physicians

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Continuing my review of new employment-related bills is a measure that limits the use of non-compete agreements for doctors. Anyone who tracks bills knows that the name on the bill sometimes doesn’t match the content. Senate Bill 351 entitled “AN ACT CONCERNING MATTERS AFFECTING PHYSICIANS AND HOSPITALS” is a good case in point. Seems innocuous… Continue Reading

Picking a Fight: The State of the Law for Noncompete Agreements in Connecticut

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The New York Times this morning has an article that suggests that non-compete agreements are being used increasingly in a broader array of jobs. His evidence? Well, the article doesn’t cite that. Though, to the reporter’s credit, in noting the discussion going on in Massachusetts over legislation on the topic, he cites to a trade… Continue Reading

Bill Voiding Noncompete Agreements in Event of Merger Vetoed By Governor

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Last month, the General Assembly passed a bill in the closing hours of the legislative session that would have voided certain non-compete agreements in the event that a business was merged or acquired.  It was a watered-down version of a bill that had been weaving its way through the legislature that would have placed limits… Continue Reading

Court Rejects 18-Month Restrictive Covenant on Former Owners Who Became Employees

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Suppose your company just purchased another small company.  As is typical in such deals, you have hired the owners under a three year employment contract because the professional services and expertise of the owners is important to the deal’s success. In that arrangement, you have a restrictive covenant that says that if and when the employees leave,… Continue Reading

Non-Compete Agreements For Security Guards (and now, Bouncers) May Be “Non-Enforceable”

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With the blog approaching its fifth (!) anniversary later this year, I thought it was time to revisit some subjects that I covered in the blog’s infancy and update them. One such story from way back on September 14, 2007, was a new law that prohibited non-compete agreements by security guards.  Back then, I stated:… Continue Reading

Second Circuit: No Injunction for Expired Restrictive Covenants

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Back in June, I talked about a new district court case on restrictive covenants.  My law partner, Joshua Hawks-Ladds, follows up today with results of the appeal. For employers who have a non-compete agreement, this decision emphasizes the need to seek an injunction quickly to protect the employer’s interests. Let’s say that you, as an… Continue Reading

For a Breach of Restrictive Covenant, Court Says No To Extending Duration As Remedy

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Suppose a former employee has breached your company’s covenant not to compete after she left employment.  Are you, the employer, entitled to get the non-compete period extended as a remedy for the breach? Great question. And one that differs depending on the state. A federal court in Connecticut (Aladdin Capital Holdings, LLC v. Donoyan) looked… Continue Reading

Court Holds that Anti-Solicitation Provision of Former Employee Not Violated “Indirectly” By New Employer

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  My colleague, Jonathan Orleans, chips in this week with a guest post on a recent Connecticut case about some of the restrictions that employers try to place on departing employees: Post-employment covenants not to compete and not to solicit frequently include language that prohibits the former employee from “directly or indirectly” engaging in certain… Continue Reading

Free Webinar on Restrictive Covenants and What Employers Need to Know Now

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Have you taken steps to prevent your business from walking out the door? That issue — and the overall use of restrictive covenants will be the subject of today’s free webinar at noon. You can sign up here.  Our monthly webinar series (after taking the holiday period off) runs on the second Wednesday of each month. … Continue Reading