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New Model Rules Make It Unethical to Discriminate

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As I have for over a decade now, I attended the American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting last week serving on the ABA’s House of Delegates – the organization’s main governing body.  My exact position is actually State Delegate — a position that nominally makes the lead delegate of Connecticut’s delegation, though in practice it’s much… Continue Reading

Volunteers: Can They Really Help Fix Your Issues With New Overtime Rules?

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Over the weekend, I finished planning for our webinar tomorrow on the new overtime rules.  In digging deeper into the materials produced by the Department of Labor on the final rule, I looked at the use of volunteers as a solution — particularly for non-profit organizations. For the “for-profit” world, this is probably not a realistic option…. Continue Reading

Three Things to Look For In Final Overtime Regulations

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Late Monday, several reports on Twitter indicated that the Department of Labor would be announcing and releasing the final version of the revisions to the white-collar overtime regulations.  You can see my prior posts on the subject here and here. This has been a long time coming. It was way back in 2014 (!) that… Continue Reading

What is the Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2015?

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For several years, one of the most popular posts on my blog was the one where I listed the mileage reimbursement rate for businesses.  It’s been relatively stable, but this year brings about another small change. In any event, the new rate became effective January 1, 2015. Remember, this is the optional standard mileage rates. These rates… Continue Reading

Remember that NLRB Notice? “Never Mind”

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Readers of a certain vintage, will remember Gilda Radner’s character Emily Litella who often said “Never Mind”.  (If you’ve never heard of Gilda Ratner or this, then I’ll pause while you watch this classic video.)  Readers of a later vintage will think of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. If you just want the dictionary definition, here it is. My… Continue Reading

Breaking: D.C. Circuit Blocks NLRB Posters

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Update: Late yesterday afternoon, the NLRB officially delayed implementation of the rule.  No new date has been set.  The NLRB developments keep coming fast and furious. This morning, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling essentially blocking the NRLB from going forward with its new poster requirements for employers on April 30, 2012. You… Continue Reading

Three Weeks Until NLRB Posting Rule Takes Effect

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Update: The NLRB has announced an indefinite postponement of the rules. See this updated post here.  Another month has passed, and we are now ever closer to the effective date of the NLRB’s new posting rules.  Thus far, many of the legal challenges to the proposed rule have been ineffective, as the Employer Law Report… Continue Reading

ABA Objects to Proposed “Persuader” Rule Changes by Department of Labor

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The American Bar Association submitted a letter today to the U.S. Department of Labor to express its “serious concerns” over a proposed rule that would “substantially narrow” the longstanding interpretation of what lawyer activities constitute “advice” to employer clients. Currently, most work from attorneys is exempt from the substantial reporting requirements in federal law that… Continue Reading