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Overtime Rules Still On Track — Are You Ready?

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Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of bluster about lawsuits filed that are challenging the new overtime rules that are set to take place in just a few weeks. And there was also news that Congress was considering a law restricting the law as well. Both seem unlikely to come to pass… Continue Reading

Free Webinar: Important CT Employer Update on New Federal Overtime Rule

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With the new federal overtime rules going into effect later this year, I thought it would be useful to talk about in a free webinar. And apparently, many of you think it would be useful too because in the 48 hours that we’ve opened up the signups to our webinar, we already have a record-breaking… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Persuader Rules, Class Action Lawsuits, Prevailing Party, E-mail Phishing

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With Opening Day of baseball season nearly upon us, it’s time again to bring back a “Quick Hits” segment to recap a few noteworthy (but not completely post-worthy) employment law items you might have missed recently. The U.S. Department of Labor released the final version of new “persuader” rules which will become effective April 25,… Continue Reading

USDOL Final Revisions to White Collar Exemptions Coming in 2016

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Over the next few days, I hope to provide a few updates from attending last week’s ABA Labor & Employment Law Annual Conference in Philadelphia.  There were many good, substantive programs there and lots to be gleaned for employers. One of the sessions focused on the proposed revisions to the white collar overtime exemptions that… Continue Reading

[Updated] Discovery Protocols in Employment Cases Are Here to Stay in Federal Court

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UPDATED 11/22/13, 3p Earlier this week, members of the CBA’s Federal Practice Section were informed that the Initial Discovery Protocols in Employment Cases are now being used by all the judges in the district. As such, lawyers and clients should now expect to deal with them in various types of discrimination cases filed in federal court… Continue Reading

NLRB Keeps Doing What It Always Does. Why Is Anyone Surprised?

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I’ll admit something that might seem a little unusual and ironic:  I’ve grown a bit tired about writing about the NLRB and social media.  Perhaps, it’s because I’ve seen too many law firms and lawyers issuing newsletters, blog posts, and alerts each time the NLRB says something, anything, about social media.  Because people on social media… Continue Reading

NLRB Suspends New Election Rules After Court Ruling

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Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller Well, did you miss it? Just as people were settling down to the NLRB’s new speedy election rules this month, events over the last two days have completedly upended that. First was the Court action…. Continue Reading

BREAKING: DOL Proposes New FMLA Rules Impacting Military Leave

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The Department of Labor today proposed new regulations of the FMLA that would explain further the military family leave provisions and incorporate some special provisions for airline flight crews.  The new proposed regulations are in response to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 which amended the FMLA to extend the military caregiver… Continue Reading

Three Takeaways from Labor & Employment Seminar

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We had another great turnout last week  for my firm’s seminar on labor & employment law.  Many of the topics would be familiar to avid blog readers, but there were three interesting points that I haven’t talked much about that I thought were also notable. 1.  In September, the IRS announced a Voluntary Classification Settlement… Continue Reading

NLRB Shifts Workplace Landscape, As Expected; New Posters Required Soon

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As I mentioned last week (when in Connecticut, we were focused on Irene), the NLRB has been busy in August issuing new rules and new rulings. Some people are expressing surprise at the shift seen in these rules and disgust that prior NLRB rules are effectively being overturned.  But none of this should be surprising… Continue Reading

More About the NLRB’s Proposed Rules on So-Called “Quickie Elections”

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This morning, I appeared on Ray Dunaway’s show on WTIC radio (1080 AM) to discuss the NLRB’s new proposed rules on union representation elections.  (A link will be available when it is posted online.) Of course, in 5 minutes, there wasn’t much time to explain everything about it (here’s a summary of the proposals from… Continue Reading

“No Spanish Allowed” – Special Free Webinar on English-Only Rules On Wednesday

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Our monthly free monthly webinar series continues on Wednesday, December 8th at noon EST with a unique program on whether employers can adopt English-only rules.  You can register here to join us.   This should be a terrific one-hour program that you can listen to during your lunch hour.  Even if you’re not considering adopting… Continue Reading

Prompt Corrective Action May Be Painful To Company, But Necessary

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Imagine this scenario: You just received a sexual harassment complaint about your company’s top sales performer.   What do you do? Well, the law requires that you, as the employer, conduct an investigation and, if necessary, take prompt corrective action to remedy the situation — which may in some circumstances be termination. But this is… Continue Reading

Social Media Guidelines and Policies: Do Your Employees Know the Ground Rules Too?

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Early on when writing the blog, I came across an issue that was so exciting to write about that I spent an evening crafting it up.  It had links, pictures, and was well-sourced. But then I discovered that the issue involved a client of the law firm.  Uh-oh. It was then that I decided it… Continue Reading