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How to Fire Your Employee Without Getting Sued

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Before I even begin this post, let me advance the disclaimer right off the bat: Despite the title of this post, there is no sure-fire way to fire an employee without getting sued. Indeed, the title is a bit of a misnomer.  It’s often been paraphrased that anyone can sue anyone else for anything at… Continue Reading

Court’s Decision on Severance Agreements Avoids Central Issues

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Just a quick followup today on a post from last month. As I reported then, a District Court judge dismissed a closely-watched EEOC lawsuit against CVS challenging a pretty standard severance agreement.  But the grounds for the dismissal were unknown back then. The wait is over; the written decision was released yesterday.  For those that were hoping that… Continue Reading

Has IBM Found a Way Around the OWBPA and Should Others Follow?

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Last week, a story caught my eye and the attention of some of my colleagues.  As reported first by Bloomberg BNA, IBM has stopped providing the comparison information that is typically required in separation agreements for older workers under the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act. You may be wondering how that is possible.  Robin Shea,… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Drafting Separation Agreements to Comply with OWBPA

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As this blog has grown over the last few years, I’ve noticed that some readers have missed earlier articles on relevant topics.  Indeed, sometimes they ask why I haven’t written about it before when, in fact, I have.  Rather than write the same post again, I thought it would be useful, from time to time,… Continue Reading

Attorney for Former DOT Commissioner: Looking Into Possibilities

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment

Yesterday, I commented on the ongoing drama between the state and the former DOT commissioner, who’s departure late last month sparked questions from reporters about the circumstances of his resignation. This morning, I spoke to Richard Hayber, the attorney for the outgoing DOT commissioner about the matter.  He provided me with a copy of a press release… Continue Reading

Bill Allowing Complainants to Get A Quick Release from CHRO Gets a Makeover (And Moves On)

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Earlier this month, I posted on a bill pending before the Connecticut General Assembly that would have changed the statute of limitations for filing employment discrimination claims and allowed a Complainant to ask for a release of jurisdiction of the CHRO as soon as possible. This week, the Labor & Public Employee Committee approved of… Continue Reading

EEOC Updates FAQ and Technical Guidance on Separation and Severance Agreements

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In a hearing earlier today, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discussed the "devastating impact" that age discrimination has on workplaces and employees. For employers, however, the most notable item from the hearing was the release of new technical guidance regarding separation agreements and the waivers of age discrimination claims contained in such agreements.  You can… Continue Reading

Separation Agreements: How Much Severance is Appropriate in Exchange for a Release?

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With all the talk about layoffs, separation agreements have moved front-and-center to the discussion on how companies can reduce their liability exposure. But how much severance should a company offer to its employees when laying them off? There is, of course, no set rule in Connecticut — or the United States — on how much severance… Continue Reading