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Citing Statistics, Yankee Institute Critical of CHRO — Again

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This week, the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, a self-described “free market” think tank, issued an article suggesting that Connecticut had nearly the same number of discrimination complaints as our neighboring state, Massachusetts. (This isn’t the first time it’s been critical of the CHRO.) In doing so, the Yankee Institute claimed that these statistics raise… Continue Reading

Deep Dive Into CHRO Case Statistics Show Increases in “Harassment” Claims

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As I did last year, after I posted on the general statistics of the CHRO to see if we could glean any trends, I took a deeper dive into what the statistics this year show.  And there were definitely a few surprises. Obviously, at the risk of repeating yesterday’s post, FY 2015-2016 was a very big… Continue Reading

New Statistics From CHRO Show Continued Rise in Discrimination Complaints

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At this week’s CHRO information session, I was able to review the new statistics released by the CHRO this fall regarding case filings and dismissals. They’ve now been posted live on the CHRO’s website here. It’s something I’ve covered each year and I’m always fascinated by what these statistics show — and don’t show. What’s… Continue Reading

Sex Harassment in the Workplace: An Uptick in Cases, Awareness or Both?

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The last few weeks it seems that I’ve been reading about sexual harassment in the workplace issues a lot more. Here are a few examples: Gretchen Carlson sues Fox News’ Roger Ailes. Suit Says Managing Partner Pressured Female Staff for Sex Sexual Harassment Still a Reality in the Workplace Interior chief: ‘Culture’ of sexual harassment… Continue Reading

Numbers Game? Latest Statistics Show Further Increase in Union Membership in Connecticut

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The death of unions has been predicted time and again. Each time a new round of statistics come out, we (me included) try to make some sense of it. Just check out some of my posts from the last several years. In 2008: Are Unions Dying Off? Not Yet, Say New U.S. Department of Labor… Continue Reading

A Final Look at CHRO Case Statistics – Part 3

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So, in my prior two posts about the new case statistical reports from the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, I’ve looked at the case statistics to see that harassment and terms & conditions claims are up, and that ancestry, race & color claims filed are also up. But what else can we glean… Continue Reading

Harassment and “Terms & Conditions” Claims Up Big; A Look at CHRO Statistics Part 2

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In yesterday’s post, I talked about how employment claims being filed are up big at the CHRO. Indeed, in looking at the statistics further, I realized that it is the second highest number of claims being filed in the last 15 years. So, FY 2015 was a very big year for claims. But typically, in… Continue Reading

Employment Discrimination Complaints Up Over 11 Percent in 2014-2015; A Look at CHRO Statistics Part 1

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As I noted on Friday, the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities has, at long last, released case statistics for 2014-2015 fiscal year and has updated their statistics for the last several years. As a result, there are lots of new numbers to pore over and information to be gleaned. The biggest takeaway? The… Continue Reading

The CHRO Complaint Process Needs A Reboot

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Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights & Opportunities from both attorneys and clients. And I’ve come to one conclusion: The CHRO Complaint Procedure needs a reboot. Now, before you dismiss this as a critical column – let’s be clear. I like many reboots.  Sure, the Superman… Continue Reading

Trivia Time for HR Professionals – Six Questions of the Day

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I recently was invited the join the “Learned League”, which has been described by the Washington Post as the “coolest, weirdest Internet community you’ll never be able to join.” Needless to say, now that I’m participating in it, I’m wondering if I’m either cool or weird or both. The league is a hodge-podge of various… Continue Reading

Three Observations about the New EEOC Statistics

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The EEOC released its yearly statistics and it’s interesting to put together a story line from the numbers.  Here are three quick observations from my review of the stats: 1) Big Drop in New Cases: Perhaps not surprisingly given the improving economy, the number of new claims filed with the EEOC dropped by nearly 5000 claims,… Continue Reading

Labor Union Membership Up Big Locally and Down Nationally, Recent Statistics Show

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The U.S. Department of Labor has released their annual statistics on labor union membership.  Nationwide, union membership is down slightly by .2 percent. In total, about 11 percent of the workforce belongs to a union.  Compared to 2008, when I reported on these statistics, the number is down by a full percentage point. The numbers… Continue Reading

Can an Employer Ever Win at the CHRO?

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I sometimes lament that employers get the short end of the stick when it comes to matters before the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  There’s little doubt, as I’ve said before, that more cases are being retained for investigation. But what happens after an investigation has concluded that there is “reasonable cause” to believe that discrimination occurred?… Continue Reading

New CHRO Case Statistics Show Big Jump In Claims Filed in Last Year

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The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities released a new set of statistics yesterday (my thanks to CHRO liaison James O’Neill for the update which I had requested a while back).  Unlike years past, the statistics this year show some dramatic changes; those changes should have a significant impact on how employers view the agency… Continue Reading

CHRO Statistics Released; More Cases Closed Than Opened

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After my post last week on discrimination statistics (and the lack thereof of CHRO statistics that were publicly available), the CHRO was kind enough to release some additional statistics to me that hadn’t been posted on its website and hadn’t been released publicly before. My sincere thanks to CHRO Principal Attorney Charles Krich for the… Continue Reading

Employment Law Statistics Tell Part of a Story; Still Waiting for CHRO

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Every once in a while, it’s worth taking a look at statistics in the employment law arena to get a sense of trends with the law and what employers should focus on.For those that have been paying attention, retaliation claims are now the most filed type of charge filed at the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee… Continue Reading

Should Private Employers Still Worry About Unions and What Happens at the NLRB?

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As I indicated a few weeks ago, one of the goals of this blog this year is to stop chasing headlines.   The latest story about the NLRB demonstrates why. Late last month, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals (which, as you might imagine, only covers Washington D.C.) ruled that recess appointments to the NLRB were invalid,… Continue Reading

Computer Problems Continue to Plague CHRO

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Over the last year or so, I have been hearing on and off about problems that the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) has been having with its computer system.  Want statistics about how many cases are open or closed? Good luck, I’ve been told.  In fact, the detailed statistics that the CHRO… Continue Reading

EEOC Statistics Show Drop in Claims Filed in Connecticut

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With statistics from the CHRO lacking, it’s hard to get a judge on whether claims of discrimination in Connecticut are rising or falling. The EEOC released new statistics this week, however that shed a little bit of light on the subject, albeit with a fairly small sample size. For FY 2011, the EEOC reported that… Continue Reading

Connecticut Supreme Court Stakes Out “Similarly Situated” and Statistical Standards

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As we continue the analysis of this week’s Connecticut Supreme Court decisions, the court also clarified how employees can prove their claims of discrimination in Perez-Dickson v. City of Bridgeport.  It is the first opinion in some years to do so and employers (and practitioners) will likely want to cite this case on a going-forward… Continue Reading

Numbers Show That Sexual Harassment Claims on the Decline

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Did he or didn’t he? That’s what political pundits and others have been debating the last few weeks regarding presidential candidate Herman Cain.  But a more interesting question is whether claims of sexual harassment are on the rise or not. Indeed, lost in the public discourse is a fact that isn’t talked about a lot:… Continue Reading

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rejects Class Action Against Wal-Mart

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Back in March, I reported on the likelihood of a victory for Wal-Mart in an important class action case up at the U.S. Supreme Court. This morning, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the class action against the nation’s largest employer, saying, in essence, that the women who were bringing the sex discrimination charges would have… Continue Reading

Court: Department of Corrections’ Physical Fitness Test Discriminates Against Women

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Last week, a federal district court in Connecticut held that the Department of Corrections violated federal law in instituting a discriminatory physical fitness test that created a disparate impact on women.  It also found that the test was not job-related or necessary.   In doing so, the court granted summary judgment to the employee and… Continue Reading

Courant Headline Says Unions Down 17 Percent. Really? Uh, No.

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UPDATED 2 p.m. About five weeks ago, I wrote about the new Bureau of Labor Statistics report that showed union membership and representation was down in Connecticut in 2010 from 17.1 percent of the overall workforce to 16.7, or in raw numbers from 265,000 workers to 258,000.  But I also noted that compared with 2007 (when… Continue Reading