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U.S. Supreme Court Narrows Employer Liability in Harassment Cases

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We’ve been waiting a while for a few U.S. Supreme Court cases to come down that have an impact on employment law.  And the court didn’t disappoint.  They are blockbuster cases when it comes to employment law. In the first of two decisions this morning, the U.S. Supreme Court released Vance v. Ball State University, a… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Holiday Parties, HIPAA and ADA, Non-Compete Agreements, “Supervisor”, Facebook

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It’s been a crazy week here for reasons I hope to share in a future post. But in the meantime, the world of employment law still continues. Here are some items worth reading that I had hoped to talk about further. This brief recap will have to do for now. Want some tips on how to… Continue Reading

Court Bars Use of Fluctuating Work Week to Calculate Award in Overtime Case

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In prior posts, I’ve talked about the fluctuating work week and how it can be a useful tool for employers in limited circumstances.  Yesterday, a federal court in Connecticut had a very interesting ruling that addressed whether an employer — when faced with a suit for overtime by a group of convenience store employees (“clerks”,… Continue Reading

Second Circuit Affirms a Broader Definition of “Executive” FLSA Exemption

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There are three major “white-collar” exemptions to the federal overtime rules that are, to some employers, a bit confusing to say the least.  One of them — the “executive” exemption — is mistakenly understood to just include, well, senior executives of a company. A new case out by the Second Circuit (Ramos v. Baldor Specialty… Continue Reading

Second Circuit = The Avengers? Judges Create Alter Ego Liability

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Alter egos are all the rage right now with The Avengers well on its way to becoming one of the most popular movies of all time. Hearing about a new case out of the Second Circuit, it would be easy to conclude the Court was getting into the superhero business with the establishment of a new theory of liability… Continue Reading

Court Rejects “Alter Ego” Doctrine As Basis for Suing Supervisor for Discrimination

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The Second Circuit has long held that supervisors cannot be sued in their individual capacity under Title VII.  But can an employee do an end run around that by arguing that the supervisor is the “alter ego” of the company? Well a few federal courts outside Connecticut have said that under the “alter ego” doctrine,… Continue Reading

When Your Manager Has Been Accused of Sexual Harassment

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Consider this scenario. An administrative assistant who’s been working solidly for the company for two years comes to you, as an HR manager, and says she’s been harassed by a manager over her looks.  You need to talk with manager about the allegations. What do you do?  That’s the scenario posed in a recent article posted… Continue Reading

Is it Ever a Good Idea to Friend Subordinates or, for Teachers, Students?

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Social Media

Lately, I’ve been doing quite a few presentations on social media, including, most recently, one for a school district. One of the trickiest questions that comes up: Is it "legal" to "friend" a subordinate in the workplace? Or for teachers, is it "legal" to "friend" a student?  (I use the term "friend" to be the… Continue Reading

Teaching Teachers about Social Media and Technology in the Workplace

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On Friday, I’ll be speaking to a group of local high school and middle school teachers about some best practices on the use of technology in the workplace.   Among the central messages of the presentation? No guideline can be a substitute for using good judgment and common sense. With teachers, that message is more important… Continue Reading

Court: Supervisor May Be Liable for Negligent Exposure of Subordinate to Discrimination Lawsuit; Do We Have a New Cause of Action?

Posted in Litigation

You’ve heard of the negligent hiring case. Should we now get ready for "negligent exposure" cases? A Connecticut Superior Court recently allowed a claim of negligence to proceed by a subordinate against a supervisor, on the grounds that the supervisor drew the subordinate into a dispute with another employee, exposing the subordinate to the costs of… Continue Reading

Second Circuit: No Individual Liability Under ADA Retaliation Provisions

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Litigation

It has long been the rule in the Second Circuit, that individual supervisors do not have liability under Title VII claims, based on the case of Tomka v. Seiler Corp.  But can supervisors be sued individually under the ADA for retaliation? The Second Circuit last week held that individual supervisors may not be held liable under the… Continue Reading

Second Circuit Defines Employers’ Obligations in Sexual Harassment Claim; Reverses Summary Judgment for Employer

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment

Reading the Second Circuit’s decision in Duch v. Jakubek (decided on Friday, December 4th), a distinct image came to mind: The ostrich who sticks its head in the sand. Why the ostrich? Because, the Duch case discusses what to do with a supervisor who purposely ignores evidence of sexual harassment.  And the court concludes that the… Continue Reading

LinkedIn Recommendations – A Hot Topic Among HR Professionals, But Should It Be?

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

In my presentation last week to the HRA of Greater New Haven (which i discussed yesterday), the hottest topic that people wanted to discuss was LinkedIn Recommendations. People had several questions: Should a company bar its employees from doing such recommendations? Should a HR department "police" LinkedIn to ensure compliance? What is the risk of… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: BMI, E-Verify Delays, NLRB Two-Member Board Decisions, Starbucks & Tips, Twitter

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With all the developments the last week or two with the Connecticut legislative session, it’s been difficult to keep up with everything ELSE happening in employment law.  So, time for a "Quick Hits" post, where I recap some of the stories you might have missed relating to the world of labor and employment law that might… Continue Reading

Poor Supervision Even Exists at the Department of Justice

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

A few weeks ago, a report came out blasting the hiring procedures that existed at the Department of Justice in prior years.  Because this is not a political blog, I left it for others to comment on it, such as The Word on Employment Law.  But the basic gist of the report was that there… Continue Reading