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BREAKING: Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Restaurant Cannot Apply Tip Credit to Pizza Delivery Drivers

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The Connecticut Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision that will be officially released April 4, 2017, has ruled that employers may not use the “tip credit” for pizza delivery drivers and therefore, the employees must be paid the standard minimum wage. You can download the decision in Amaral Brothers, Inc. v. Department of Labor here. … Continue Reading

Legislative Wrapup: Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Leave and Not Much Else

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I’ve previously touched on a number of bills that were passed in the short legislative session that ended earlier this month but I thought I would recap the session briefly in one post. Of course, the CBIA already did most of the work so I won’t repeat the good work and recommend the post to… Continue Reading

The New New Minimum Wage in Connecticut

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In short order, Connecticut has just jumped to the front of the line when it comes to increasing the minimum wage. On Wednesday, March 26th, the General Assembly passed an increase to the minimum wage in Connecticut. This will amend the previous increases that had been negotiated last year and raises the minimum wage past… Continue Reading

What Employers Need to Know About the Minimum Wage Hike in Connecticut

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Last night, the House of Representatives, following the lead of the Senate, approved of a measure that will increase the minimum wage paid in Connecticut to $9 per hour. The Governor has said he will sign the bill.  The law becomes effective on July 1, 2013, technically, but the changes will not occur until 2014.   … Continue Reading

More New Employment Law Regulations: Fluctuating Work Week & Tip Credit Under FLSA

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Last month, it was the EEOC that released new regulations on the ADA.  This week, it’s the Wage & Hour Division of the Department of Labor, that has released new regulations on the Fair Labor Standards Act.  The new regulations will go into effect in early May 2011. While some of these revisions are more technical… Continue Reading

The Basics: Minimum Wage in Connecticut is Still $8.00/hour

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As the dog days of summer now seem firmly entranced over Connecticut, this week’s installment of "The Basics" focuses on minimum wages.  There are lots of exceptions and rules, but the basics are fairly straightforward: Although the federal minimum wage went on on July 24, 2009 to $7.25/hour, Connecticut has its own minimum wage law…. Continue Reading

General Assembly Overrides Veto on Connecticut Minimum Wage Law

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The Connecticut Senate voted late today to override the veto of the minimum wage bill that was sent to Gov. Rell last month.   The vote was 25-9 in the Senate.   The vote completes the override process of the minimum wage bill that I discussed here earlier today. Thus, effective January 1, 2009, the minimum wage… Continue Reading

Governor Rell Vetoes Minimum Wage Bill; Override Possible

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In a bit of a surprise (and in a busy day for employment law in Connecticut), Governor Rell vetoed a bill which would have increased the minimum wage to $8/hour starting Jan. 1, 2009 (and $8.25/hour in 2010).  The veto to House Bill 5105 (H.B. 5105) also effectively kills Senate Bill 55 (S.B. 55) which dealt with… Continue Reading

Food Server Class Action on Tip Credits – An Update

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A few weeks ago, I posted on a decision by the Connecticut Supreme Court that ruled that an order denying class certification is not an appealable final judgment. I said back then that the case, Palmer v. Friendly Ice Cream Corporation, gives employers and other defendants in class actions, "an important arrow in their quiver… Continue Reading