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Title VII and Sexual Orientation Debate Largely Moot in Connecticut

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Over the last week or so, there have been two prominent Circuit Court decisions addressing whether Title VII (the federal law prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, religion and national origin) can be interpreted to also protect employees from being discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. The Second Circuit, which… Continue Reading

Restroom Access and Transgender Issues in the Workplace Go Supreme

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I still remain amazed at the sold-out crowd we had at last week’s Labor & Employment Law seminar.  Well over 250 people registered for the program and I kind of wanted to whisper to people: “You know this is just a LEGAL seminar, right?” But no matter. Employment law issues are as popular as ever and… Continue Reading

EEOC: Bathroom Access Rights Guaranteed By Title VII

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Last fall, I raised the issue of bathroom access for employees that corresponds with their gender identity. The issue, however, that seems to get the most press is restroom access. Indeed, we’re now getting federal guidance on how to deal with the issue of restroom access. That remains one of the bigger issues (a proposition up… Continue Reading

Connecticut District Court Allows Transgender Discrimination Claim to Proceed Under Title VII & CFEPA

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In an decision of first impression in Connecticut, a federal court on Friday ruled that a transgender discrimination claim based on a failure to hire can proceed under both Title VII and Connecticut’s counterpart, CFEPA. While the groundbreaking decision in Fabian v. Hospital of Central Connecticut (download here)  is sure to be the subject of… Continue Reading

EEOC Pushes to Expand Title VII’s Reach to Sexual Orientation Claims

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When you’ve been blogging as long as Jon Hyman (of Ohio Employer’s Law Blog) and I have, your minds seem to work in a similar fashion. For a few days, I’ve been working on a draft of a blog post about the EEOC’s goal of expanding Title VII’s reach to include sexual orientation discrimination claims. … Continue Reading

Gender Identity Claims: Is It All About Restroom Access? Not Quite

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Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking before the Connecticut Bar Association’s LGBT Section regarding the status of transgender claims along with CHRO Staff Attorney Alix Simonetti.  My thanks to the section for the invitation.  It didn’t hurt that it was held at the Hartford Flavor Company, either. The talk was mainly informal but… Continue Reading

When Labeling An Employee “Male” May Not Be Good Enough Anymore

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The rapid pace of the country’s openness to discuss issues of gender identity (and no, this isn’t going to be an article about Caitlyn Jenner) has actually led to a rise in the use of words to describe situations that you may not have thought of before. Recently I came across the term “cisgender male”… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Transgender Workplaces; Proving Emotional Harm; “Digital Natives”; Labor History in Schools

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With Twitter, I’ve been doing less “recap” posts of late. Why? For the simple reason that you can get all of the posts I’ve read of late on Twitter. We didn’t have that when I started the blog nearly 8 years ago. (Side note: It was eight years ago this week that I came up… Continue Reading

Gender Identity & Expression Bill: What Employers Need To Know

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Over the weekend, the General Assembly passed House Bill 6599, which adds “gender identity or expression” as a new protected category under employment law.  Governor Malloy has indicated that he will sign the bill.  Assuming he signs the bill, here’s what you need to know as an employer in Connecticut.  (For more background, you can see… Continue Reading

Gender Identity & Expression Discrimination Bill Clears Conn. House

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The on-again, off-again bill that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression (including transgendered individuals) passed the Connecticut House late Thursday night on a vote along party lines. The bill, H.B. 6599, would add a new protected class and defines "gender identity as follows: "Gender identity or expression" means a person’s… Continue Reading

Is This The Year for a Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill in Connecticut…Or Will Budget Deficit Dominate Debate?

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This is shaping up to be an interesting year for the Connecticut General Assembly.  The budget forecasts are projecting massive deficits.  As a result, I would not be surprised to see the budget debates dominating the agenda of the Connecticut legislature. Nevertheless, other bills will still be proposed, debated, and certainly  passed during the several months… Continue Reading

QUICK UPDATES: WWE Lawsuit, Transgender Litigation, Verdicts on the Rise, Religious Discrimination, and a Special Thanks

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The Jewish holidays starting tonight encourage reflection. So, it seems particularly appropriate to do some quick updates on earlier posts: The lawsuit against WWE by three wrestlers continues to move very slowly.  Early press reports by another source suggested that WWE would be moving quickly to respond to the claims; they aren’t.  WWE asked for an extension of time… Continue Reading

Transgender Litigation Part II – Followup and Context from the Tribune

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Last week, I posted about a new decision from the federal court in Connecticut that threw out a transgender litigation claim.  The Connecticut Law Tribune has some additional feedback on that case from the employee’s counsel in today’s paper.  I’m also quoted in the article; in it, I explain that transgender litigation — while perhaps getting… Continue Reading

Transgender Litigation: Court Grants Summary Judgment to Employer In Title VII Transgender Case

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Earlier this year, proponents of a bill to make transgender (or gender identity and expression) a protected category  failed in their efforts to get that category covered under the state’s anti-discrimination laws.  A new United States District Court case this week may provide proponents with an example of a case that, in their view, may have come out differently if "transgender" was… Continue Reading

Legislative Preview: Is Transsexual Bias Law on the Horizon?

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With the General Assembly back in session this month, one group is hoping to place additional protection against transsexual and transgender discrimination on the top of the "to do" list for employment law revisions. According to a Hartford Business Journal article, the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition group is now lobbying for a bill about that issue. Now, you… Continue Reading

While You Were Eating…Posts You May Have Missed on Labor & Employment Issues

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The days before Thanksgiving are busy.  Here are a few posts I flagged over the last week or so that you might have missed. Evil HR Lady has a provocative post about whether lawyers make good human resource professionals in a post entitled: Evil Lawyers, Evil HR People, It’s All the Same.  As I commented… Continue Reading