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Hostile Work Environment Creator, Equal Opportunity Offender or Something Else?

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You work for a privately-owned multinational conglomerate with a high-profile CEO who loves Twitter and can’t stop talking. And that CEO, outside of work, has been critical of lots of people. In doing so, however, the CEO has made particular comments about certain women, comments such as: “She wanted to breast pump in front of… Continue Reading

Employer Strikes Out; Facebook Likes Protected by NLRA, Says Second Circuit

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On Friday, at my firm’s annual Labor & Employment Law seminar, I’ll be talking about the NLRB and Employee Handbooks with my colleague, Chris Engler.  Among the topics we had planned to discuss was the ongoing Triple Play Sports Bar & Grille case that I had previously posted about here and here. So of course… Continue Reading

Your Workplace Is Going Viral #AlexfromTarget

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For employers, the power of the Internet is pretty scary at times. The latest meme to hit the Internet won’t change that view. Sometime yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, someone tweeted a picture of a worker from a Target store. His name is “Alex”. We know this because of his name tag. And apparently he’s cute and teenagers started… Continue Reading

Ten (+4 More) People to Follow on Twitter for Labor and Employment Law

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Since the last time I published a list of labor & employment law lawyers to follow back in 2012, there are just a bunch of you out there now using Twitter. (And I presume you’re already following me @danielschwartz, right?) So, it’s probably time to update my list of labor & employment law-related people to… Continue Reading

Recipe for Disaster: Who Owns Your Work-Related Social Media Accounts?

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With all that was going on with the holidays, my colleague Peter Murphy reminds us that ownership of work-related social media is not an issue to take lightly.  Why? Well, let Peter take the story from there…. Back in May, Dan posted some very helpful advice to employers about ownership of work-related social media accounts. … Continue Reading

Offensive Tweets and Twitter Justice: The Tale of Justine Sacco for Employers

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Have you heard of Justine Sacco? If you’re on social media, it was hard to avoid over the weekend. She was the public relations professional who posted an offensive tweet on Friday before boarding a plane to South Africa. Never mind that she had only 200 or so followers when she made the tweet.  By the… Continue Reading

Snap(chat), Kik & Whisper: What Social Networking Apps Your Employees Are Using Today

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It may be hard to remember, but during the first year of the blog in mid-2007 to 2008, there was barely a mention of social media and its impact in the workplace.  Just a single reference in January 2008 noting that with sites like Myspace (!), “employees from around the country can share information instantly, making it… Continue Reading

A New Year’s Resolution

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Five years is a long time. In the time span of the Internet, it might as well be a lifetime. So, after five years of doing this blog on nearly a daily (ok, business daily) basis, it’s time for a change. Now, I’m not retiring like other bloggers have.  But it’s time to recognize that… Continue Reading

Who Owns Your Company’s Social Media? Are You Sure?

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In my presentations on social media this year, I’ve talked a bit about the Phonedog v. Kravitz case where an employer sued a former employee who continued to use the company Twitter account he had started. When the employee left, he merely changed the Twitter account’s handle to his own name and took the 17,000 Twitter… Continue Reading

Example #438 of Why You Need a Social Media Policy

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Thanks to all who came and attended our employment law seminar at the Hartford Club today. As a reminder, we’re running another one on October 18th.  More information is available here. At today’s seminar, we talked about the need for companies to implement a social media policy and also about how social media can get out of… Continue Reading

The (Not So) Definitive Top 10 List of Employment Lawyers To Follow Online

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  Yesterday, the HR Examiner came out with Top 25 list of “Online Influencers” in Employment Law.  Through a complex formula, it purports to show who people listen to about employment law online. Unlike Groucho Marx who famously said “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”, I’m thankful to be… Continue Reading

Social Media, Social Media, Social Media

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Lately, it feels that employment law is revolving solely around social media. Indeed, many of my speaking engagements recently have all had a social media bent. (This week, I’ll be keynoting a speech to the Connecticut chapter of the Society of Marketing Professionals Services on Strategies and Risks on Social Media in the Workplace).  Over… Continue Reading

Tips for Preventing Sexual Harassment? Suggestions Sought by EEOC

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Twitter is one of the more remarkable creations to come out of the last decade.  It’s huge, noisy, and hard to keep track of. It is also one of the most delicious communication tools ever invented. A tweet from earlier today confirmed my view of it. Chai Feldblum, who describes herself on her Twitter profile… Continue Reading

Social Media Best Practices – Interview with LXBN TV

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Last week, I had the great fortune of being interviewed by the Lexblog Network — which help provide support to this blog.  The interview focused on best practices for employers in engaging in social media. A few tidbits: We did this interview via Skype. If that’s not cool enough, I did so using my iPad… Continue Reading

Technology, The Workplace and Bin Laden

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On Friday, I had the opportunity to speak at the ABA National Symposium on Technology in Labor & Employment Law in New York.  In the presentation, I talked about the importance of social media tools like Twitter is having in the workplace and legal profession. I noted how I have used Twitter to get my… Continue Reading

Odds & Ends: Where We Live Interview, ABA Annual Meeting, Upcoming Presentations

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Long-time readers of the blog are no doubt aware of my role as a delegate from Connecticut to the ABA House of Delegates. I’ll be reporting from that gathering in the upcoming days. If you’d like to follow the goings on of the ABA Annual Meeting, I’ll be tweeting about it on various account names. You can… Continue Reading

School Board Considers Social Media Usage Policy for Teachers, Other Employees

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For a few years now, I’ve been describing how social media policies are moving into the mainstream.  No longer can employers simply cover their eyes and ears to what is going on with Facebook and Twitter. Example No. 592: West Hartford, Connecticut is considering a policy that would place certain restrictions on what school employees say,… Continue Reading

Law & Technology Symposium: A Recap and Announcing the Winners of the Supreme Tweet Contest

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By all accounts, Friday’s Law & Technology Symposium by the Connecticut Bar Foundation was a smashing success.  Over 125 people attended with dozens more watching online.  But beyond the numbers was the feedback from the attendees who appreciated the symposium for the content it delivered.  It’ll soon be posted on the internet for download and we’ll… Continue Reading

Can You Tweet Your Favorite U.S. Supreme Court Case? Help Publicize the Bar Foundation’s Technology Symposium!

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This post continues my public service outreach on a program developed by the Connecticut Bar Foundation. As I mentioned earlier this month, I am chairing what I expect will be a terrific educational program on April 9th at UConn Law School on how technology is changing the practice of law. Full details to this free… Continue Reading

Social Media Guidelines and Policies: Do Your Employees Know the Ground Rules Too?

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Early on when writing the blog, I came across an issue that was so exciting to write about that I spent an evening crafting it up.  It had links, pictures, and was well-sourced. But then I discovered that the issue involved a client of the law firm.  Uh-oh. It was then that I decided it… Continue Reading

Breakfast with NLRB Regional Director – (Part 2) – What To Expect in 2010

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As I indicated in my post yesterday, the bar-related breakfast with NLRB Region 34 office was a big success.  In the presentation and discussion, Regional Director Jonathan Kreisberg made a few predictions and observations about what 2010 would bring. Kreisberg noted that the NLRB was going to be using press releases to a far greater… Continue Reading

R U on FB or Twittr? Keeping Your Company Up-to-Date On Social Media Developments from an Employment Law Perspective

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Think Facebook is just for kids? Or think that Twitter is for the birds? Do you wonder what all the fuss is over social media? Are you hopelessly lost trying to bring your company up to speed with all the social media and networking platforms out there? The next webinar I’ll be presenting (August 12th… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: BMI, E-Verify Delays, NLRB Two-Member Board Decisions, Starbucks & Tips, Twitter

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With all the developments the last week or two with the Connecticut legislative session, it’s been difficult to keep up with everything ELSE happening in employment law.  So, time for a "Quick Hits" post, where I recap some of the stories you might have missed relating to the world of labor and employment law that might… Continue Reading