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Last Regular Session Day of Connecticut Legislature: Where We Stand

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Today is the last day of the Connecticut General Assembly regular session.  So it’s a good time to take a look at some of the bills pending or passed.  Strangely, things seem pretty quiet on the employment law front.  But after the dust settles, I’ll have another update. Here is where we stand as of… Continue Reading

Breaking: Conn. Supreme Court Clarifies ABC Test for Independent Contractors

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I’m back with news of a relatively big decision today from the Connecticut Supreme Court. In the decision, the Court clarified an important question that the Connecticut Department of Labor had been pushing hard.  It will be welcome news for businesses in the state. The issue was this: If an independent contractor (and his or… Continue Reading

The Real Battle over Independent Contractors and the ABC Test In Connecticut

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You’ve no doubt heard lots about how the U.S. Department of Labor is cracking down on independent contractors.  I’ve recapped it before and my former colleague, Jonathan Orleans, has a new post regarding Uber & electricians. But in my view, there is a larger, more important battle now being fought in Connecticut and you may… Continue Reading

Legislative Recap: Bills Relating to Pay Secrecy and Unemployment Pass in Final Days

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The dust has finally settled from the close of the Connecticut General Assembly on Wednesday.  And it’s time to take a look at the last few days to see what employment law bills passed. (I’ll tackle the changes that have been made to the CHRO in a post later today.) As I’ve noted in prior… Continue Reading

So Much for a Quiet Legislative Session on Employment Law Issues

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When I made predictions/wishes for 2015 at the end of last year, I offered up one on what the Connecticut General Assembly might do: My Prediction: We’ll see a new rule or two, but with all the mandates that have been passed in the last four years, I expect there to be more bluster from politicians, but that we’ll actually see a bit less interference… Continue Reading

Willful Misconduct and Unemployment Compensation: The Quiz (Part 2)

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In yesterday’s post, my colleague Chris Engler discussed the “wilful” misconduct standard and how it applies when your employee is otherwise eligible to receive unemployment compensation. Today, Chris returns and has a quick quiz to review some recent cases of how this standard has been applied. So, you think you know what the “wilful” misconduct… Continue Reading

“Wilful” Misconduct and Unemployment Compensation: What Is It? (Part 1)

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My colleague, Chris Engler, is back today with post getting into the ins and outs of the willful misconduct standard at the Connecticut Department of Labor. Last week, we had a senior CTDOL official speak to our Labor & Employment seminar about this and other pressing topics of interest to employers.  The bottom line: When… Continue Reading

Shared Work Program Gets a Refresh With New Regulations from Connecticut Department of Labor

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One of the better programs run by the Connecticut Department of Labor that gets almost zero publicity is the “Shared Work” program.  For employers, it’s a useful tool when you’re dealing with a temporary slowdown in work. I talked about it five (!) years ago in the midst of the recession so I’m not going… Continue Reading

Bill Barring Discrimination Against Unemployed Advances in General Assembly

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Let’s all agree, at the outset, that getting people re-employed — particularly those who have been unemployed for a while — is a worthy goal. How do you get there?  Job training? Education? The Connecticut General Assembly is taking a different tactic — just make it illegal for employers to discriminate against those who are… Continue Reading

Drink and Drive. Get Fired. Collect Unemployment Benefits? Yep, Says Court.

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One day, your human resources manager comes to you.  She tells you that an employee lost his commercial driver’s license because he was caught — off the job — driving drunk. The driver’s license is a requirement for the employee’s job.  Can you fire the employee? Under virtually all circumstances, sure. But then the employee… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Conn. Senate Votes to Ban Discrimination Against Unemployed in Ads

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UPDATED AND CORRECTED The Connecticut Senate this afternoon voted 30-5 to ban employers and employment agencies from discriminating against the unemployed in job advertisements. As recapped by the Office of Legislative Analysis, “This bill makes it a discriminatory employment practice to advertise employment opportunities in a way that discriminates against anyone because he or she… Continue Reading

Proposal to Ban Unemployment Discrimination Heats Up

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Two bills were introduced in the Connecticut legislature last week that would ban discrimination against individuals who are unemployed. Section 8 of Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 79 are identical in their provisions.  They would apply to nearly all employers in the state.    The proposals would amend Conn. Gen. Stat. Sec. 46a-60(a)(6) to prohibit… Continue Reading

Legislative Session Begins; Discrimination Against Unemployed on the Agenda

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The new legislative session at the Connecticut General Assemblybegan last week and the Labor & Public Employee Committee wasted no time setting an agenda for bills for discussion in this short legislative session. At a committee meeting last Thursday, the Committee discussed a variety of items to be discussed and proposed as bills.  Among the… Continue Reading

Should Employers Worry About Unemployment Compensation Claims? In Many Cases, No

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As summer rolls on, I thought it would be helpful to talk about some issues that come up from time to time with employers.  (I’ll continue to have more on new developments  — including a decision in the SEBAC matter, and the governor’s approval of the gender identity and paid sick leave bills — as… Continue Reading

A Modest Proposal for What Happens Next for the CHRO

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UPDATED 7/7/11 With yesterday’s stunning announcement that all proceedings at the Office of Public Hearings are suspended indefinitely (see this notice), the question that arises is: What Happens Next? The answer is only known to the Governor and staff at the CHRO. But last year, my law partner, Joshua Hawks-Ladds published a way forward. How?… Continue Reading

Who Says Legislation Isn’t Fun: OLR Background Reports on Blood Pressure & The Unemployment Rate

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What do blood pressure and batting averages have to do with the unemployment rate?  Well, more than you might think — at least according to the Office of Legislative Research. This little-known state office is a gem, constantly providing reports that — more often than not — are well written and useful.  And the report… Continue Reading

Afternoon Legislative Update: Keeping Eyes on Bill Prohibiting Use of Credit Reports

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For the second time in a month, the legislature has tucked an amendment into a bill that seemingly had no relationship to the original bill and that will have a significant impact on employers in the Connecticut. Latest case in point: Senate Bill 80 (S.B. 80) which is titled "AN ACT CONCERNING ELECTRONIC UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION… Continue Reading

Four for…General HR Knowledge for Employers from the Connecticut Department of Labor

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It’s been much too long since my last installment of "Four for…", an occasional post on some useful web resources that you might overlook in your day-to-day work.  This post focuses on four things you can find on the Department of Labor website that are particularly helpful for employers.   A comparison of Connecticut’s FMLA (CTFMLA) and the federal… Continue Reading

(Nearly) Everything You Wanted to Know About Unemployment Compensation Laws in Connecticut

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Leave it to librarians to come up with a great new resource page for learning about Connecticut’s unemployment laws. I can hear the chuckles now. Librarians?  Yes, librarians. As long-time readers of the blog know, one of the best kept secret resources for attorneys and businesses are the judicial branch law libraries.  They continue to serve as a clearinghouse… Continue Reading

Out With the Old – Stories From 2008 That Might Have Been Overlooked

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Over the holiday break, I took a look at various stories that I had "starred" in Google Reader for later reading and followup in the blog. (You ARE using a RSS Feed Reader to subscribe to this blog, right?) The list is long. But part of starting a new year for me is doing a bit of… Continue Reading

Job Losses Likely to Increase In Connecticut; Lawsuits Soon to Follow?

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The headlines over the weekend for Connecticut have not been kind.  Two were particularly striking. First, the Courant ran a story entitled "Sizable Job Losses Expected in State".  The second was a story about the expected closing of The Goodwin Hotel, one of Hartford’s premier hotels.  Both indicate a local economy that is teetering between… Continue Reading

“Layoffs, RIFs and WARN, Oh My!”: Providing Notice of Potential Mass Layoffs and Plant Closings Can Reduce Legal Risks

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Six months ago, I predicted a renewed emphasis on reduction in force laws and regulations with the possibility of an economic slowdown looming.  With six months left to go in the year, I’m still feeling good (if you can feel "good" about such things) about that prediction.  Is the economy still on the yellow brick… Continue Reading