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Should You Fire Employees Who Use (or Misuse, However Defined) Social Media?

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A few days ago, The New York Times, ran a series of short essays from people on its “Room for Debate” page. The question it posed? “Should employers get tough with strict policies about social media activity, so that employees face consequences at work for what they say online?” Not surprisingly, the opinion’s ranged from… Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana and Work: Where We Stand Now

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It’s been nearly two months since Connecticut’s “medical marijuana” law became effective.  Yet many employers have been blissfully ignorant about what the law provides, perhaps because Connecticut does not yet have a home-grown supply of marijuana and the registration process is just beginning. But because of the law’s appeal, I would expect the impact to increase substantially… Continue Reading

EEOC Releases Important Guidance on Use of Criminal and Arrest Records By Employers

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The EEOC yesterday released important new guidance for employers on the use of arrest and conviction records by employers under Title VII.  You can read the guidance here as well as a short question-and-answer document too.  For employers in Connecticut, this new guidance only adds to the state-specific rules we have here in state and should… Continue Reading

If Texting & Cell Phone Use Increase Risks of Accidents, What Should Employers Be Doing?

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The New York Times this week published a series of articles revealing studies that showed that drivers who sent text messages were 23 times more likely to get into a collision.  Even the casual use of cell phones while driving may increase the risk of accidents. In light of these reports, what — if anything… Continue Reading