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Can You Love Employment Law and Love Valentine’s Day?

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For years, I’ve been “warning” about the upcoming holiday of Valentine’s Day. Back in 2011, I recapped several cases where employees’ inappropriate behavior on this day of love, led to lawsuits. Apparently, there were some people who didn’t read the blog, because just a few years after that, I recapped a few more cases where… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Employers Should Beware Of Valentine’s Day

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Highlight, Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Who would’ve thought that Valentine’s Day could be dangerous for employers?  Alas, the day is built for lovers — and sometimes the boss is trying to do the loving. Not good. Last year, I recapped the dangers of the holiday for employers. It’s one of my popular posts so I reprint it here.  Beware! I’ve… Continue Reading

Employers: Think Your Competition is Tough? Watch Out for the Valentine’s Day Card.

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Litigation

So, I’ve warned you about the dangers of Halloween and the holiday party, when it comes to employment-related lawsuits. Often overlooked, however, is the day for lovers — Valentine’s Day.  There are, of course, a few of you who are scratching your head and thinking "How can that be? it’s a holiday full of love and… Continue Reading