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The Dialogue: What Legislation We’re Keeping Our Eyes On

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If at first you succeed, try it again.  Well, that may not be how the saying goes, but the first back-and-forth post between me and Nina Pirrotti, an employee-side attorney, was so well received that we’re back for another conversation.  Today’s topic: What legislation are we both keeping our eyes out for at the Connecticut… Continue Reading

What’s Cooking at the General Assembly in 2016 (Part II)

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So last week I provided a recap of a few of the labor & employment law bills still being kicked around the legislature.  From talking with a few folks in on the process, here are some other bills to keep an eye on (whether in this original form or as an amendment to an existing… Continue Reading

SOX Stake Claim in Winning … a Whistleblower Protection Case (Revisited)

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It’s Baseball Season; a time for the Sox to come out and play. Not the Red Sox — this is, after all, a legal blog (run by a Yankees fan, no less).  No, today, we’re talking about Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Whistleblower Protection. Still with us.  My colleague, Clarisse Thomas, has taken a look back at the U.S…. Continue Reading

Complaints to an Ombudsman Count as a “Public Body” Under Whistleblowing Provisions

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Connecticut’s whistleblowing statute (Conn.Gen. Stat. Sec. 31-51m) protects employees who have made a complaint to a “public body”. But what exactly is a “public body”? Well, there is a definition but a recent Superior Court case had to look beyond that to determine if a complaint to a special ombudsman would count. The facts of the… Continue Reading

Three (Among Many) Problems with Proposed Free Speech Bill

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Since the publication of my post last week on House Bill 6667 on free speech in the workplace, there’s been a lot of followup press coverage.  Two that I would highlight include this article, and this blog post by Mara Lee at the Hartford Courant.  The CBIA also highlighted the post on its website… Continue Reading

The Never-Ending Employment Law Case and the Hour-Long Commute

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Some cases are easy to explain in a short blog post. This is not one of them. But a new Connecticut Appellate Court case released today, Grasso v. Connecticut Hospice, Inc. (download here)  has too many nuggets of information to pass up.  It is an example to employers about how cases never truly seem to… Continue Reading

A New Whistleblower Retaliation Statute Grows Up: Dodd-Frank is the new Sarbanes-Oxley.

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Reading the headline, I’m sure a few of you rolled your eyes.  Dodd-Frank? Sarbanes-Oxley? Those statutes are seen as dull and tedious.  But a new federal court decision in Connecticut should start to change that, and it has implications for employers nationwide.  The case is Kramer v. Trans-Lux, which you can download here. It addressed an employer’s motion… Continue Reading

Pull Up Your SOX: The New Whistleblowing Claim Grows Up

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I’ll be the first to admit that the words “Sarbanes-Oxley Act” are likely to induce a big collective yawn from many of you out there.  Even the acronym “SOX” doesn’t liven things up.  (Then there are people, like Doug Cornelius at the Compliance Building blog who eat this stuff up.) But here’s what you need… Continue Reading

Quick Takes: Background Checks, Increased DOL Audits, ARRA’s Whistleblower Provisions, H1-B Visa Rules for TARP Recipients, Salary Basis Test

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It’s FINALLY a nice spring day outside in Connecticut (see the picture of the Connecticut River taken this morning) so no need to spend a minute more than necessary to catch up on some other employment law-related items you might have missed during the week: A topic near and dear to my heart, background checks, had… Continue Reading

What’s In The Stimulus Package for Employers – Part II – The Whistleblower Provisions

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In yesterday’s post, I talked about the significant changes to COBRA that are in the new economic stimulus law. Today’s post focuses on another, less-publicized provision in the new law regarding whistleblowers.  Employers that expect to receive funds from the stimulus package need to be aware of the provisions so that you can be in… Continue Reading

Election Guide – Part IV – What’s Going to Happen in the Connecticut General Assembly? (And An Invite To Our Seminar)

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So what’s going to happen after the election with various employment law proposals? Well, you’ll have to wait for the election to really see what happen at a federal level.  After all, part of it still depends on who is elected to the White House and how many seats the Democrats control in Congress.  (If… Continue Reading

New Federal Whistleblower Claims Created By Revisions to Product Safety Laws

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Buried deep, deep, deep within revisions to the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission Act ("CPSCA") is a new cause of action designed to protect whistleblowers of product safety (available here). This new law, entitled The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008,  will afford protection to both public and private employees in retail and manufacturing sectors to… Continue Reading

In Relying on Anonymous Complaints for Investigations, Reader Beware

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In the corporate world as well as government, anonymous complaints about personnel — whether to a hotline, or via the mail — are seen as the price of doing business.  These anonymous whistleblowers sometimes can’t speak out because of their circumstances and some have legitimate points to make.  And some companies readily encourage such complaints… Continue Reading

Connecticut Legislative Update: Paid Sick Leave and Whistleblower Bills Not Brought Up for Vote

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A bill to provide mandatory paid sick leave to employees and a bill to provide greater protection to state whistleblowers were among the employment law-related bills that were not voted upon in the final day of the legislative session — effectively killing them.  The Paid Sick Leave bill, S.B. 217, had passed the Senate last… Continue Reading

Connecticut Legislative Update: Sick Leave Bill Debate; Changes to State Whistleblower Law

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With the legislative session coming to a close next week, developments are heating up at a fast and furious pace.  I’ll do some quick updating and then provide a more through review when time permits. First, the State Senate debated the Paid Sick Leave bill (S.B. 217) yesterday for about an hour, when the debate… Continue Reading