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Relaunch of Blog Coming Soon

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As you might have noticed, things have been a bit slower around these parts.  There are a bunch of reasons for that (clients, cases, family, commitments, etc.), but in part, it’s because I’ve been thinking about the next generation of the blog and there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes.  Only so many hours in… Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!

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I don’t know about you, but this year end has been crazy and the blog posts have dwindled a bit. So rather than putting together a few haphazard posts, I’m just going to call it a year and we’ll start it over again in a week or so. There’ll be lots to talk about in… Continue Reading

More Road Rules: Telecommuting as a “Reasonable Accommodation” Under ADA Gets an Update

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Last year, my colleague Gabe Jiran, had a series of posts on telecommuting as a possible reasonable accommodation. In one post, he reported on a Sixth Circuit decision that allowed an employee (and EEOC) to proceed to trial on claims that the employer, Ford Motor Co., failed to provide a reasonable accommodation to her. Now,… Continue Reading

Proposed Bill Would Double Damages for Overtime Violations

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In one of my very first posts way back in 2007, I said this: For employment lawyers and HR professionals, it’s “old” news that overtime lawsuits are a major concern.  Business Week picks up on that trend in next week’s Cover Story entitled: “Wage Wars: Does your Boss Owe You Overtime”. According to the article:… Continue Reading

Oh Lucy! Accommodations for Religious Beliefs and Disabilities Apply Different Standards

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Here’s a hypothetical: A observant Jewish worker who is a recent leg amputee comes to you seeking an “accommodation”.  She works on the candy wrapping line that requires constant supervision and is staffed by only one or two people typically.  She seeks to leave her shift 4 hours early on Fridays to observe the Jewish sabbath.  She also seeks to take frequent breaks to rest for her… Continue Reading

First Amendment Retaliation Claims Remain Alive (and Well?)

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After the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Garcetti several years ago, there was a lot of chatter about whether public employees still had substantive First Amendment free speech rights. And for a short while, the trend did seem to indicate that speech that related to an employee’s “official job duties” was to be construed broadly and that… Continue Reading

Doing Something Else Good for Newtown

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The little gift card collection project that my wife and I did for 48 hours went very well and the cards were delivered earlier today. I’ll have a separate post about our efforts at some point soon.  In the meantime, others have asked what else they can do to help  Sandy Hook elementary school, particularly… Continue Reading


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Just a quick post to thank you all for the donations of gift cards. The time for donations has ended and we are not taking up any more. So please, do not make any further donation.   I’ll followup in another post with the results of our little 36 hour collection drive. In the meantime,… Continue Reading

Connecticut’s “Reasonable Leave of Absence” for Disability Resulting from Pregnancy

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Last week, Attorney Robin Shea of Employment & Labor Insider proposed 10 rules of etiquette that “will save you from a pregnancy discrimination suit”.  Rule No. 1? Pregnancy is always good news.  Always. Always. Always. If you haven’t read it, I’ll wait. There are lots of rules regarding pregnancy that may come into play including FMLA,… Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

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As most of us have other things in mind this week (and in light of some technical issues we’re having on the backend of the blog), the Connecticut Employment Law Blog is taking a few days off to prepare for and celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year and there is… Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana Giving Employers Headaches Already

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Today, our firm held the last of two free seminars on employment law. Thanks to all who attended. Surprisingly, one of the issues our attendees had a bunch of questions on was the new medical marijuana bill that became effective October 1, 2012.  Now, I’m not going to go back over the entire bill in… Continue Reading

Appellate Court Releases Trio of Important Employment Law Cases

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The Connecticut Appellate Court released three significant employment law decisions on Monday — one of the busiest days in recent memory for the court. For employers, the cases are a mixed bag but do provide some useful practice pointers. City Sheriff Was Not an “Employee” Entitled to Statutory Protection  In Young v. Bridgeport, the Court ruled that… Continue Reading

Happy Holidays

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Today is probably the last full day of work for many people for the rest of the year. So, before you finish your potato latkes, gingerbread houses, and egg nog, I want to extend my sincere holiday wishes to you, your workplaces and your families. I am blessed with such loyal and prolific readers (amazingly,… Continue Reading

Third Time is Charming – ABA Journal Blawg 100!

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“King of the Geeks.” That is how one of my law partners has fondly referred to my appearance on the American Bar Association (ABA) Journal “Blawg 100” the last two years.  (The Blawg 100 is a list of the “top 100” blogs for lawyers.) Yesterday, the ABA Journal — frankly the preeminent legal publication for… Continue Reading

Not All Manufacturers Exempt Under Paid Sick Leave Guidance

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When I reviewed the Paid Sick Leave Guidance released Friday by the Connecticut Department of Labor, I happened to be in Chicago for the day.  And where should I pass by? But Harry Caray’s. The renowned Cubs broadcaster’s catchphrase was “Holy Cow!” And that phrase was stuck in my head for the weekend. Why? Because… Continue Reading

Back to Normal? Not Yet

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10 days without power. It continues tonight. And as you might imagine, it’s not easy to write a blog without power. I hope to back back in full force shortly with posts on the ABA Labor and Employment Conference and others. Just send some positive power thoughts (and line crews) our way.

Four Years and Countless Posts Later….

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Four years ago this month, the Connecticut Employment Law Blog was born.  (You can view the very first entry about civil union discrimination here.) It has grown up a lot since then (and even went through an image makeover earlier this year), but I hope that I’ve maintained one thing consistently — to provide insight… Continue Reading


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I originally had a post about 9/11, but after much consideration, it frankly seemed insignificant in light of the anniversary and I’ve decided not to publish it.  Employment law frankly didn’t change all that much as a result of the terrorist attacks, though there were rises in religious discrimination and workplace preparedness. Instead, I leave… Continue Reading

A Lesson In Social Media from Hurricane Irene

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First, a warning: Today’s post will have little to do with employment law, but once you read it, I hope you can understand the significance of it. The people of Connecticut have suffered (and are continuing to suffer) greatly from Hurricane (and Tropical Storm) Irene.  She left over HALF of the Connecticut Light & Power… Continue Reading