The hearing into Foxwoods’ objections to the union election last fall ended yesterday with both sides claiming that they will ultimately prevail.  Briefs for both parties are due by February 28th and the judge indicated that he expects to issue a decision no later than March 15th.

The Day wraps up the details from the last day of the hearing here.  The Day reported that Judge indicated that he would have handled the ballots differently; whether this is going to be enough to overturn the election is a different question — one that we’ll have to wait to the judge’s final decision for an answer.

The tribe has questioned why the ballots were not printed in multiple languages, why an election notice was only printed in one Chinese dialect and also contends that UAW representatives harassed and intimidated eligible voters before the election. …

The majority of documents entered into evidence throughout the hearing dealt with the issue of language and to what extent Asian dealers, specifically those who speak Chinese, can speak, read and comprehend English.

[The Judge], as an aside at the beginning of the hearing, said that if it were his decision, he would have printed the ballots in Chinese.