A few weeks ago, I posted about various issues that I believed the CHRO had and how they were being addressed (including a working group established by Governor Rell).  I’ve also posted on some lawsuits involving CHRO employees and claims of discrimination within the agency,

But the issues regarding the CHRO have been around for many years; they just seem to ebb and flow with the times.

For some historical perspective, there is a fascinating hearing in May 2006 by the Connecticut legislature on the CHRO.  Connecticut’s Network, CT-N, keeps these hearings "on-demand" for viewing anytime (if only I could embed the video here, I’d be in heaven, but you’ll have to settle for a link here to the video or you can download it directly here). 

State Senator Edith Prague presides over the hearing as Chair of the Labor & Public Employee Committee  As with any such hearing, there are moments of pure tedium (and its a bit long, so feel free to browse), but it also provides a different perspective on what some people have viewed as an issue with the CHRO.