The hearing into Foxwoods’ objections to the election last year for dealers began today and is expected to last several days. Channel 8 has the latest update, which isn’t much so far. 

However, as I mentioned yesterday, there is another battle going on simultaneously.  As noted yesterday, Foxwoods has requested that the entire board rule on some of the other objections it raised.  Well, today, UAW filed its brief opposing the request (download here).  In contrast to Foxwoods’ 50 pages or so of argument, UAW boils its side down to just 4 pages.

For example, as to Foxwoods’ argument that it should not be subject to the NLRB’s rules, the UAW suggests that this issue has already been resolved. UAW therefore argues that there is no "substantive additional evidence or arguments in this".

Will short and succinct win the day? We’ll likely have to wait several more weeks, or perhaps months to find out, given the vacancies at the Board.  In the meantime, expect a ruling on Foxwoods’ other objections that are the subject of a hearing today, in a few weeks as well.