A company called Avvo — which is positioning itself as sort of the Web 2.0 version of Martindale-Hubbell — has posted a list of the top 300 legal blogs.  The list is "objective" in that it ranks blogs in order of their web traffic (as summarized by another company, Alexa).

While the list will change over time, I believe it is yet another tool that readers can use to find relevant materials for their companies or law firms. 

Of course, a caveat is certainly due: blogs that receive the most traffic aren’t necessarily the "best" or most relevant to what a specific reader needs.  But rankings like this can give a measure of the blog’s overall relevance.

So, where does the Connecticut Employment Law Blog fall on the rankings? Pretty high up, actually  — Number 31. But even more gratifying is the fact that this blog is the highest ranked labor/employment law blog out there. Not bad for a venture started a little over a year ago.

This is one ranking though, that I owe to you, the reader. Your continued input via comments and e-mails is very helpful in ensuring this remains topical and relevant.  So thank you for your continued readership and support.