Employers right now have a lot to worry about. New ADA rules. New FMLA regulations. New COBRA rules.

In an article entitled "The unabalanced high-tech lift: are employers liable?", a few academics suggest that technology may be something else that employers need to worry about. 

The article summary states:

  • Technology has created new capabilities, as well as new demands, for many of today’s employees. For those who work in technology-enhanced environments, the pace and round-the-clock activity creates a source of stimulation that may become addictive.
  • While the potential for this type of behavioral addiction is recognized by both researchers and the popular press, few companies are seriously considering the associated risks, one of which could be legal action against the organization.
  • By combining research on addiction, technology use, workplace demands, and legal precedent, this article considers issues likely to require decision by the courts, as well as background on the evolution of related legal questions for insight to possible outcomes.

Unfortunately, the article isn’t readily available online (at least not without a fee). 

But with all that employers are worrying about, focusing on possible technology addiction or the like isn’t one of the concerns that should be anywhere near an employer’s Top 10 list. 

(H/T – Workplace Prof Blog)