"Where We Live", one of the excellent local programs produced by Connecticut Public Radio will be spending the show on Monday morning (9 a.m.) discussing the discrimination complaint filed by a local television reporter against Fox 61.  I’m pleased and honored to be among the featured guests, which will also feature local media giants Duby McDowell and Janet Peckinpaugh.

Here’s the show summary:

A Fox 61 reporter has filed a complaint against the station – charging age discrimination, and lifting the veil on the industry’s obsession with youth and beauty.

On the next Where We Live – we’ll talk with veteran reporters about the reality and the legality of the TV news business.

You can listen live, or wait for the podcast of the show, which should be posted later in the day on Monday.

Among the topics I expect we’ll discuss: 

  • What happens next in terms of the legal process?
  • Do rules of age discrimination apply in television news?
  • What are some of the legal issues that are likely to arise in this case?

UPDATED: You can now download the podcast and the audio from the episode on the Where We Live Website.  WNPR also did a news report based on the episode, which has aired this afternoon during its newscasts.