I’m often asked how I have the time to keep up the blogging and new developments in the law. Part of it is an exercise in information management.

But there’s a new tool that was just officially announced this morning that should make this exercise easier for everyone.

Most people are now familiar with LinkedIn – a social networking tool that mainly focuses on businesses and business connections. One of the complaints of LinkedIn in the past has been that there isn’t that much to do with it other than post resumes and look for jobs. That has been changing recently as more applications like Slideshare and TripIt allow users to communicate easier and share content.

JD Supra has been around for a while (and founded by UConn Law Grad Aviva Cuyler) and allows law firms and attorneys to post content for others to view. But what it has lacked thus far is an easier way to distribute and share that content to a broader audience. 

Until now. This morning, JD Supra and LinkedIn launched a new application that makes both sites much better.

With this new LinkedIn application, users of LinkedIn can follow content easily from their connections and others.  For more information, you can check out this informative post and YouTube video here. 

I’m already seeing the utility of it not only for myself but others in the labor & employment law area. I got a sneak peek about this last month and the features I like are the ability to follow content in a particular subject matter. Thus, if you have an interest in, say, labor & employment matters, you just need to click the option in the application to receive updates in that area.

I’ve started to post a few articles and links on my LinkedIn page and expect to add more over the upcoming weeks.  Let me know what you think and whether there is particular content you’d like to see.  I anticipate being able to use this site as a way to supplement the blog. 

Most importantly, you do not need to be an attorney to appreciate this content. And no special technical training is needed; just point and click. 

And if we haven’t already connected on LinkedIn, be sure to drop me an invitation here.  You can then follow my content on JD Supra. 

Have you used this application yet? What do you think? What content would you like to see on this site?