The cuts to the CHRO keep coming.

Governor Malloy this morning released his plan to reduce the size of government — should a deal with the state labor unions not be struck.

The plan calls for the elimination of the CHRO’s Waterbury Office (page 35) and the elimination of other staff positions.  All told, 23 positions would be cut at the CHRO.

The Judicial Branch’s plans are also coming later today; advance word is that several courthouses will be closed.

The Judicial Branch will undergo deep cuts too, including the closing of several courthouses and the elimination of various assistant clerk and paralegal positions.  You can view the entire report here. Funding for the Connecticut Bar Foundation – cut. Six law libraries – gone. Oh, and watercoolers will be eliminated too (page 15)

Unless a new deal is reached, employers and their attorneys (as well as others in the system) will start seeing the impact of these reductions late this summer and early this fall.

  • Vnnalmonte

    I disagree with closing any CHRO office. We can’t trust our unions because I was in a union and they did not fulfill their duty of fair reprecentation. CHRO was the only place I could go to for fair reprecentation and to hold my employer accountable for their discrimulatory practices. It’s bad enough that discrimination exists. Closing these offices would only encourage employers to keep discriminating. It would also be a step backwards in enforcing our civil rights.