“King of the Geeks.”

That is how one of my law partners has fondly referred to my appearance on the American Bar Association (ABA) Journal “Blawg 100” the last two years.  (The Blawg 100 is a list of the “top 100” blogs for lawyers.)

Blawg 100 Winner!

Yesterday, the ABA Journal — frankly the preeminent legal publication for lawyers — released its 2011 list of best blogs.

I suppose I need to get out my crown again, because the Connecticut Employment Law Blog makes its third appearance.

Of the accolades that this blog has received, the Blawg 100 remains my most cherished.  There is very strong company on the list, so be sure to check it out.  In particular, I want to recommend the other labor & employment attorneys on the list.  All are worthy of the award.

I know you’re wondering, what can I do to support this blog? (Wait, you’re NOT wondering that?).  Well, if you can, be sure to register a vote with the ABA Journal.  You do not need to be a subscriber or a lawyer to vote.  I make this request not because I really want to win, but because I’m tired of losing to Texas (and the Work Matters blog).

The Texans already have a headstart and, in fairness, it’s a pretty good blog too. But it’s time for the Nutmeggers (don’t even get me started on that state nickname) to represent.

And thank you all (and particularly UConn Professor Nancy A. Brouillet who nominated this blog) for your unparalleled support.  I sincerely appreciate it.