You just finished interviewing a great candidate for a manager-level position at your company.  She looks great on paper and interviewed well.

But you’re wondering: What dark secrets about her loom on Facebook? After all, you did see that tattoo on her arm and she mentioned a fun time at Bonnaroo 2013.

“Maybe there are some pictures?”, you think to yourself.  And so, in your curiousity, you conduct some searches and find out a lot more than you’ve bargained for. Now what?

If you’re down in the Stamford area, my colleagues, Robin Frederick and Christopher Parkin — both contributors to this blog as well — are putting on a 90-minute program on September 16th at 8a entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media Employment Screening” to address some of these issues.

It’ll help provide some context to whether this type of online searching is a good idea — and when. (I’ve touched on this subject in some prior posts here and here.)

This free program for in-house counsel and human resources professionals will cover the very latest in how researching job applicants (and even current employees) on social media can lead to illegal discrimination and expose companies to a myriad of legal issues.

As always, the program will offer practical advice for screening and hiring without risk.

Workshop topics include:

  • Who, when and how to screen
  • When enough is enough
  • Compliance with applicable laws
  • Collecting social media passwords
  • Negligent hiring

If you’ve wondered whether a Google search is the same thing as hiring a company do a Google search for you, this program will tackle it in depth.

You can register here.