At Harry Potter Studios outside London, UK this year
At Harry Potter Studios outside London, UK this year

Well, we’ve come a long way in a year, right?

Last year at the holidays, I shared my family’s personal story of my wife’s cancer diagnosis.  The outpouring from readers, friends, and colleagues was tremendous.

So, I thought you were due for an update.  My wife is doing much better and continues to have a good prognosis.  It’s been a challenging 2015 but we know we are fortunate right now to be talking about the future.

As you might imagine, what we’ve been through has certainly put a lot of things in focus. It’s a cliche for sure, but there’s truth there as well.  And going back to the same routine just hasn’t seemed right. So, we’ve made subtle changes thus far but for me, writing this blog has taken a clear back seat.

I could debate the reasons why. For example, I have less patience for discussing cases in which someone makes a lawsuit out of something trivial.  But it also boils down to writer’s motivation too. Right now, life is too precious to write 5 days a week.

What will 2016 bring?  I’m not sure, but I’m looking forward to it.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours and I hope you have good health and happiness in the new year.