Over the last few weeks, I rediscovered the “draft” folder of the back end of my blog. By last count, I had nearly twenty posts that I started and then didn’t finish for one reason or the other.

Some posts have just a title and maybe a line or two; a few were basically finished.  Some are pre-pandemic but there are quite a few from the pandemic itself giving a window back to what I was thinking at the time.

But rather than keep them unfinished, I decided to “finish” several of them here — so I can close them and start fresh.

The oldest of the posts dates back to 2015 based on observations I had on a trip to London.  Turns out the ADA and public accommodations portion of that law is pretty important in the United States. Back in London, I realized how important that law was as I saw people with disabilities really struggle trying to navigate steep steps in a theater or many steps in the Tube. I probably didn’t finish this because I would’ve then had to reveal that the theater show we saw was Cats. Needless to say, Cats was better this draft post.

Then there’s the 2017 post I had drafted based on a Fox News host who was suspended after texting three female work colleagues pictures of “male genitalia”.  I think I decided not to followup because I had just talked about sexting a few weeks early.  I didn’t think I needed to emphasize the point yet again that you should not text pictures of your private parts to co-workers.

But starting in 2020, I had a series of half-written pandemic posts. Some were never finished just because the pace of developments kept outstripping things I had drafted a few days before hand.

For example, on March 12, 2020, I wrote “What Next” and noted that “We’ve got our contingency plans to work remotely with staff but for how long?”  Suffice to say, I didn’t think I’d still be working mostly from home in August 2021.

Almost one year ago, in August 2020, I started reflecting on what working from home had meant to me.  “I have actually sorta, kinda enjoyed working from home. My wife has gotten used to my making coffee in the morning and I’ve gotten halfway decent too.  And I think everyone has gotten used to me having absconded with my wife’s former office in the house.”  But in that draft post, I started to think about whether the pandemic would roar again in the fall and just wanted to wait and see before posting.

In March 2021, I actually did a complete post reflecting on one year into the pandemic. I think I held off publishing because it seemed too personal at the time to share. But I’ll share one note of it: “I miss my law partners, my colleagues who I saw everyday and the staff that I work with.  Not every day; the virtual chats that we have are a decent substitute at times.  But some days. I miss the walking down the hall to ask someone a question, or find out good news about a relative, or even just to talk baseball or soccer.”

I still do.

Just the next month, in April 2021, I had my last draft post.  It only had one word in it and that was it’s title — “Hope.”

Back then, I had a great deal of hope that vaccinations were going to bring a respite for a good portion of the year.

But now we’re heading in the wrong direction yet again on the pandemic.  It’s time to reach back from the past for the future — hope remains a powerful tool to keep us going.

My hope for all of you is to find that strength to keep persevering. Stay safe and thanks for your continued readership.