More than anything else, employment law is about relationships. Where other areas of of the law seemingly exist more on sheets of paper than in reality, employment law depends heavily on the interpersonal relationships between employers and employees.

The rules governing these relationships are limitless, but it is my job as an employment lawyer to take complicated (and confusing) laws and break them into understandable concepts. That’s what I do on this publication, and that’s what I do in my practice everyday. It’s not important, in my view, to know that GINA stands for the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act; what is important, is to understand that it prohibits genetic information from being collected and used by employers and what “genetic information” really is.

So what sets me and my firm, Shipman & Goodwin apart? Experience.  Resources.  Results.  But most of all, in my view, it comes down to what employment law is all about: People.  I get heavily invested in the work of the clients I work with and their success is paramount.

In partnering with clients large and small in Connecticut, New York and elsewhere, we work to develop a complete understanding of the situation and then address their needs accordingly—whether that be in employment counseling and training, or by way of litigation. Aiding clients in both private and public sector labor and employment law, we aim to provide them with solutions that not only comply with the law, but also ensure they continue to conduct business efficiently and effectively.

There are others in Connecticut who practice employment law, including some national firms with offices in this state. In fact, I’m proud that many of them are loyal subscribers to this blog and have referred matters to us. It is those referrals and those readers that I value because it shows you don’t have to be the biggest in the state to be among the most respected. (Receiving mentions in the “Best Lawyers”, “Super Lawyers” and “Chambers” publications is also a testament to the reputation that I and the other lawyers in my practice have built).

Specific practice areas and services include:

  • Wage and Hour Law
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Trade Secrets
  • Non-compete enforcement
  • Employment Counseling & Training
  • Immigration Law
  • ERISA Claims