With talk of a pandemic of the COVID-19 illness (coronavirus) becoming more prevalent and advice from professionals that we ought to start preparing now, I thought I’d use this new installment of the Employment Law Checklist Project (#emplawchecklist) to review Connecticut’s existing laws and how those laws might impact employers.

Connecticut has an entire section

The next month or two will certainly be interesting around the workplace.  The H1N1 Virus continues to spread around the country, a new vaccine is ready to be rolled out that experts hope will stave off further infections.  And employers are, in some cases, holding their collective breath that the vaccine wins out so

Right now, even non-sports fans here in the state can get pretty excited about having both the men’s and the women’s basketball teams from the University of Connecticut headed to their respective Final Fours.  

But suppose one of your employees was somcopyright 2009 Daniel A. Schwartz all rights reservedehow able to secure tickets to the games in either Detroit or