It’s Friday before Christmas and all through the workplace, not a creature was working, not even the boss.
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But around offices today, many bosses are thinking to themselves "I need to get a gift for my secretary/assistant/staff!".  From an employment law perspective this is yet another minefield waiting to be discovered. 

Here are a few

On this Thanksgiving Day, let’s be honest and straightforward for a moment — lawyers can be awfully defensive about the type of work we do. Indeed, some lawyers and judges are offended by the notion of "lawyer jokes".  I can vividly recall a speech given by then-Connecticut Supreme Court Justice William Sullivan at an

As proof that not all employment lawyers take themselves too seriously, Marc Toth, the Chief Legal Officer of Manpower recently launched the briefly-named, "Manpower Employment Law Blawg: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Employment Law (But Didn’t Want to Pay A Lawyer To Ask)." (Not quite sure what the abbreviation will be for that