Thanks to all who joined us at today’s webinar that looked at the employment law ramifications of employment law.  We had over 100 people sign up for this session.

For those who were unable to join us, you can download a variety of materials related to the webinar. They are:

Think Facebook is just for kids? Or think that Twitter is for the birds? Do you wonder what all the fuss is over social media? Are you hopelessly lost trying to bring your company up to speed with all the social media and networking platforms out there?

The next webinar I’ll be presenting (

A fascinating article yesterday in entitled "Are Social Networking Sites Discoverable?" is well-worth a read to any company involved in litigating against former or even current employees.

While the authors write in the context of a product liability case, the premise and subject is equally applicable to claims involving employees as well as the

Sometimes I feel like a broken record (though in today’s world, perhaps that should be updated to "corrupted music file").  For a while now, it’s been apparent to most of us that employees continue to do silly things with e-mail and their social networking pages. 

Add a recent case in Connecticut to the list of cases where individuals

Over the last couple of days, an interesting debate has emerged about whether employers should use social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace to "screen" potential employees.

One corner, supported by the Delaware Employment Law Blog, argues that there are some real and tangible benefits to using the sites, as long as they are

These days, everyone seems to be jumping on the wage and hour bandwagon, predicting an endless stream of lawsuits for 2008, just as there was for 2007.  But just as mutual funds preach that "past performance is no guarantee of future success", I would argue that focusing too much on one trend, misses an