For the last two years, I’ve been really fortunate (and grateful) to have this blog named to the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 – representing some of the best law blogs out there. This year’s nomination process has begun and the ABA Journal is soliciting entries in the next edition.  I’d be grateful if you took a moment to consider this blog and submit a nomination.

Vote early and often

(And I’ve also been named to the Lexis/Nexis list of Top 25 employment law blog nominees. Of course, if you’d like to point out your readership of this blog on that list too, that’s fine as well. Each comment is counted as a vote so comment early and often.)

But I thought it would be more interesting, if I highlighted some of the blogs that I think should be considered for both lists.

Last year’s entries in the “Labor” category (including Jon Hyman’s Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, and the Delaware Employment Law Blog) are all deserving of another nomination.

Here are a few others:

One blog to keep an eye on is the Michigan Employment Law Advisor by Jason Shinn. It’s been around less than six months, but I have found myself reading these posts with some frequency too.

I feel compelled to say that this list is far from complete and that there are plenty of others that I read too — many of which I’ve referred to from time to time.  But I thought I would share a few to start a discussion. Feel free to add your suggestions or nominees in the comments below.

As always, thanks for your loyal readership.  The Connecticut Employment Law Blog remains among the most widely read blogs of its kind in the nation and I couldn’t do this without you.

(And continuing my music theme of the week, I give you Mariah Carey’s “I Can’t Live (If Living Is Without You)”)

As I approach the three-year anniversary of this blog (stay tuned for more details), it’s certainly touching to receive accolades for this blog. 

Each year, LexisNexis “honors a select group of blogs that set the online standard for a given industry.” Amazingly, the Connecticut Employment Law Blog is a nominated candidates for the LexisNexis Top 25 Business Law Blogs of 2010.

The list is impressive.  I’m particularly fond of Doug Cornelius’ Compliance Building blog.  But in contests such as this, there is no room for compromise.  I need to enlist your help.

You see, apparently LexisNexis wants readers to voice their support of their favorite blogs.  Since Doug has already sent out a call to his readers to support his blog; I know readers of this blog can do better.

While Doug is willing to "sit back and take the consolation prize: the honor of being nominated", I think we have a shot to take this. Sure, we’re up against the WALL STREET JOURNAL, and HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, but…

Ok, I know we’re not fooling anyone, but if you’d like to say a good word about the blog, I’d be grateful.  Lexis Nexis invites you to comment on the announcement post at either of the following links:

To comment, you have to register. Registration is free and supposedly does not result in sales contacts (though I’d use one of your backup e-mail addresses just in case). The comment period for nominations ends on October 8, 2010. They don’t say how they will end up selecting the top 25 out of the nominees other based on their review and your comments.