Over the weekend, the General Assembly passed House Bill 6599, which adds “gender identity or expression” as a new protected category under employment law.  Governor Malloy has indicated that he will sign the bill.  Assuming he signs the bill, here’s what you need to know as an employer in Connecticut.  (For more background, you

The on-again, off-again bill that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression (including transgendered individuals) passed the Connecticut House late Thursday night on a vote along party lines.

The bill, H.B. 6599, would add a new protected class and defines "gender identity as follows:

"Gender identity or expression" means a

This is shaping up to be an interesting year for the Connecticut General Assembly.  The budget forecasts are projecting massive deficits.  As a result, I would not be surprised to see the budget debates dominating the agenda of the Connecticut legislature.

Nevertheless, other bills will still be proposed, debated, and certainly  passed during the several

The Jewish holidays starting tonight encourage reflection. So, it seems particularly appropriate to do some quick updates on earlier posts:

Last week, I posted about a new decision from the federal court in Connecticut that threw out a transgender litigation claim. 

The Connecticut Law Tribune has some additional feedback on that case from the employee’s counsel in today’s paper.  I’m also quoted in the article; in it, I explain that tcourtesy wikipedia commons "library of congress"ransgender litigation — while perhaps

Earlier this year, proponents of a bill to make transgender (or gender identity and expression) a protected category  failed in their efforts to get that category covered under the state’s anti-discrimination laws. 

A new United States District Court case this week may provide proponents with an example of a case that, in their view, may have come

With the General Assembly back in session this month, one group is hoping to place additional protection against transsexual and transgender discrimination on the top of the "to do" list for employment law revisions.

According to a Hartford Business Journal article, the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition group is now lobbying for a bill about that issue.