The battle over unionization at Foxwoods casino moved a bit closer to resolution early this morning.  The Day reports that dealers voted in the United Auto Workers union by by a vote of 1,289 to 852.

As I suggested over two months ago, the vote tally itself is comparatively meaningless because Foxwoods would likely challenge the results on jurisdictional grounds. After all, if the unions get a foothold at Foxwoods, many of the tribal casinos nationwide would also be susceptible to unionization. 

Foxwoods, all but confirmed this strategy earlier today.

Despite the win by the UAW, Foxwoods President John O’Brien said this morning that the company and its owners, the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, would examine all their options, including a legal fight, before letting the UAW in the door.

“We are disappointed with the preliminary tally, however, these results will not be official until all legal issues, including jurisdiction, are resolved,” O’Brien in a statement. “We continue to believe as we have from the very beginning that the labor board lacked jurisdiction and that any election should have been governed by tribal laws.

When the dust settles this week, expect a continued challenge by Foxwoods. With thousands of other employees susceptible to further unionization efforts, the stakes are simply too high — for them and others.