Welcome to the Connecticut Employment Law Blog!  Thanks for visiting the site.  As with any new blog with a new author, it will be a work in progress.  But I hope you will stick around for the first (and as far as I know, only) Connecticut blog that will focus on new and  noteworthy developments in the employment law arena, particularly as they may impact those in Connecticut.

While practicing law in Connecticut for over a dozen years, I have seen my fair share of cases.  I have also seen a lack of coverage of employment law issues for human resources professionals and in-house employment counsel in Connecticut.  The mainstream press (to generalize) often prints about cases only when they are first filed, but the reader is left to wonder what happened to them.  In addition, discussion of particular decisions or laws typically contains only the briefest of details or analysis.  I hope this blog can fill that void by being a place where those items are discussed, debated and explored.  Your involvement in the blog through suggestions, comments, criticisms and praises is crucial to its long term success.

Among the features I plan on incorporating into this blog will be:

  • "The Four" – A recurring article will be reviews of four websites or resources that you may not have thought of.  You will already see one post up on Four Great Websites for employment laws in Connecticut.
  • "Whatever happened to…"  Another recurring article will be a followup to a case, decision or law that had an impact in the press and then disappeared off the headlines.
  • "Legislative Recap" – During the legislative session, this recurring feature will discuss the employment-related bills and hearings at the Connecticut General Assembly.
  • "Questions for…." – This feature will ask questions of prominent or noteworthy people in the labor & employment arena in Connecticut.   Their responses should prove to be enlightening and educational.

Look back on this blog regularly for other developments as well, such as interviews with employment law figures in Connecticut. I plan to keep it fresh and lively.

Thanks again for taking a peek here and hope to see you around (and hear from you) real soon.