If you look carefully, you might have noticed something new in the title of the blog.  It now says the blog is written by Daniel Schwartz of "Pullman & Comley, LLC". 

You might be asking: Who? And why are you telling me this? And most importantly, where are the recent developments in Connecticut employment law that we’ve grown accustomed to?

All those questions will be answered in due course, and I promise the updates will return promptly.  But for one day, I’ll be blogging about my own experiences with employment law  — and it’s a new development. It’s admittedly a bit less "formal" of a post than others so make some popcorn and pull up a seat for a quick story.

The story begins like this: Once upon a time there was this attorney….

And the story ends like this:….and he started a new job. The end.

In the middle, I announce that, effective February 7, 2008, I have relocated my practice to Pullman & Comley LLC in their Hartford, Connecticut office.  In that role, I will continue to service clients in the labor & employment field as well as additional types of commercial and trade secrets litigation.

Of course the story is more complicated than that.  Leaving a firm — or any job for that matter — is always bittersweet.  Saying goodbye to good people is tough.  And no matter how smooth you try to make the transition, someone somewhere will always feel like one more thing needed to be done before you leave.  And then there is always that one person who seems to hint telepathically "Can I go too?" (to which the answer is usually "you’ll be fine").

But tinged with that emotion is always the excitement of something new.  New office, new phone numbers, new people, new equipment, new opportunities. 

It reminds me of that feeling I had when I got behind the wheel of my first car.  The road suddenly seemed wide and possibilities endless.  Sure the road may actually be filled with some potholes along the way, but those obstacles seemed insignificant at least for a while.  And, having the classic U2 song, "Where the Streets Have No Name" playing in the background certainly doesn’t hurt either.

For me, my practice has been — and continues to be — a Connecticut-focused one.  In that way, Pullman & Comley LLC is an terrific fit for clients and contacts.   As a full-service firm, It has an established reputation (nearly 90 years) of practicing law at the highest levels while providing strong client service at reasonable rates for clients big and small.  

Even more important to me, however, is the fact that the Hartford office is close to my family and other nearby connections — no small feat in a state where traffic jams are among the worst in the country.

Very soon, I’ll be posting more about the new job in the About Me section, the Services section and other portions of the blog. 

However, for the next few days, the postings may be a bit sparse. Between a new job, and a quick trip out to LA to receive an award by the American Bar Association for being Finalist, Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year, there is simply not enough time to do everything.  But the blog will return in full force early next week.

So check back in later on and I promise to exchange some new stories about the labor & employment law developments in Connecticut.  With the blog logging its 20,000th reader today after just a few short months out there (and growing each day), I’m grateful for your support and readership.

And if you too want to remember the days of a new car — put the video for the U2 song on below.