Just a short self-promoting post this morning to recognize some amazing milestones for this humble employment law blog. After just a few months in existence, we had our 50,000th visit around 2 a.m. this morning! Last week, we had our busiest week (on top of last month’s "busiest month).  In other words, we keep growing and expanding.  

The blog’s reach on Google is also compelling and sometimes leads to some strange referrals.  For example, one reader was referred to this blog by typing in "How to Harass Employee" into their search. You too, can see the results here.  That’s a little disconcerting for an employment lawyer, but, in my defense, Google located my entry about woman who used a Barenaked Ladies song to harass an employee.  (Interestingly, Google also locates that same post with some "not safe for workplace" searches as well). 

But all of this could not be done without you, the loyal reader.

You probably won’t hear much about future milestones, since I concede it’s mildly tacky to tout a blog’s achievements (which is one reason you don’t find those "site meters" much any more).  However, I couldn’t let this particular milestone pass without passing on my sincerest thanks.

And now a request — keep forwarding me tips, ideas, comments and suggestions.  I’ll even take an occasional criticism or two.  But my hope is continue the build this blog into a resource for employers in Connecticut and keep others informed on notable developments.  Although "Connecticut Employment Law" may not, at first, strike you as an interesting topic, I hope you’d agree that these are the types of issues that affect everyone.