For some time now, the folks over at the That’s What She Said blog, have been summarizing episodes of the television show "The Office" and providing their insights on what violations of employment law occurred during the half-hour (and what the value of the claims against the employer would be).  It’s a pithy little site that mixes harassment discussions (a common theme) with analysis of disability law claims. 

But what about other television shows? Surely, there are lessons for human resources personnel to learn from those shows as well. 

Well, HR World has just published their list of the "Ten Things Every Manager Should Learn from Lost".  Lost (which, incidentally, is a terrific show) tells the story of an island filled with plane-crash survivors and how they adapt to their new surroundings. (It is, of course, so much more than that but this is an employment law blog; check out EW’s "Lost" recaps to try to catch up.)

Among the words of wisdom: Make Alliances, Follow your Instincts and Find Success as a Team.

Of course, I wouldn’t take any of the advice too seriously yet; after all, only 5 plane crash members (out of nearly 50) have made it off the island alive so far.