With Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s speech last night, it makes sense to try to learn a little more about each of the vice presidential candidates and how each of them have impacted the state that they represent.courtesy wikimedia -

For that reason, I wanted to suggest a few blogs that cover their states pretty well.

  • Alaska Employment Law Blog has been around for a while and covers the ins and outs of that state.   Long before the media started focusing on Alaska, this blog has been covering some of the happenings in the state. For a smattering of articles referring to Gov. Palin at the site, you can click here.
  • While the Delaware Employment Law Blog hasn’t been around as long, the writers there have been prolific in keeping up to date on issues relating to Delware employers and to employers in general.  Their most recent post about Sen. Biden’s position on work-life issues is worth a read and is available here.

And finally, while not an employment blog per se, the Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation blog has long been a favorite read of mine.  The blog recently had a very enlightening post about the impact Senator Biden has had on corporate law as well. 

Regardless of your political affiliation, learning about the respective backgrounds of each of the candidates can help each of us make an informed decision. 

For more information about Connecticut candidates, you can also check out a site I heard about today sponsored by the CBIA, called CTBizVotes.com.  There are links to each of the major political parties and information about issues that matter to both employers and employees.