With the change in the administration, the official White House website is now up. It’s still a little sparse now but has such nifty features as an official White House blog. 

Of more relevance to employers and businesses, however, is the detailed list of the new adminstration’s agenda.  While much of it is not terribly "new" (portions were up during the campaign and transition), it still feels more "official now".

You can view the civil rights agenda here, with other areas affecting employers such as disabilities, and paid sick leave and equal pay also detailed.

But what is missing as of early Tuesday afternoon is any reference to the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a sweeping bill that is designed by its proponents to strengthen unions.

Under the Transition site (Change.gov), it was plainly listed under the Economy agenda.  A look at the same page in the official White House site contains a discussion of the Recovery and Reinvestment Plan with no reference to EFCA. 

Even stranger, when you type "EFCA" into the search term, you get no results.  And a search for "Employee Free Choice Act" shows no direct hits either. (Shortly after drafting this post and running the search, the White House site has temporarily gone offline — presumably due to high traffic). 

It’s very early into this new term and perhaps this was merely an oversight, but for those looking for a sign — any sign — that the new President will not make EFCA a top priority, perhaps — just perhaps — this might be it.