There’s nothing like a bit of Florida sunshine to recharge your batteries.  After 18 months of continuous blogging, you might have noticed a brief slowdown the last week or so as I took some vacation time.

In my time off, though, there were several notable posts or topics that are worth mentioning.  I’ll try to sprinkle those in through the week.

The first and most impressive of these is a list of "Top 100" Employment Law Blogs, prepared by my fellow blogger, Molly DiBianca at the well-done Delaware Employment Law Blog (and I’m not just saying that because this blog appears).

I’m not sure what it takes to be considered to be a "Top 100" employment law blog, but regardless, it is among the most thorough posts to date of the plethora of employment law blogs out there. (H/T to the Employee Screen Blog for the mention as well.)

I’m often asked what blogs I read the most. The truth is that there are lots of employment law blogs that I subscribe to (over 40!).  Each of them has an article or two nearly every week that I find helpful.  And many of them bring different perspectives beyond the Top 100 list. 

For example, if I want to see what’s going on from an employee-oriented perspective, I might check out the new Employee Rights Post or the Connecticut Employee Rights Blog

And if I want to see what some employer-advocacy groups are doing, I might look at ShopFloor for the latest on EFCA

And if I want the latest on employment law legislation out of Congress, I’ll sometimes review the Washington Labor & Employment Wire or the Washington DC Employment Law Update.

Whatever you choose, the internet allows you to take in many different viewpoints. Use the list to find a new blog or two. You might be surprised what you find.